Everman Academy High School

Campus Principal- Cherie Pace                                                        

Principal/Campus Secretary:

Mrs. Griselda Ramirez



Updated on 08/15/2017:

by LaTamara Taylor

Secondary English Teacher

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“ Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

-William Arthur Ward

Previous Dates: OCTOBER

Oct. 7th- World War II Veteran

Oct. 12th- U.S. Marines Guest Speakers

Oct. 17th-Oct. 20th-TAKS TESTING

Oct. 20th-Building Young Families Conference

Oct. 26th- Build Your Future Job Fair


Nov. 4th- TCC College Senior Preview Day

Nov. 9th- Field Trip to see Macbeth @ Bass Hall

Extended Days- Nov. 3rd, 10th & 17th

Saturday School- Nov. 5th & 12th

Nov. 21st-25th- Thanksgiving Break

If you have any questions about Everman Academy High School, please feel free to visit us on the EISD website or email me at mdehoyos@eisd.org 

Martin A. DeHoyos

Campus Principal

Everman Academy High School





Wednesday, October  12th

U. S. Marines came and spoke to the students of Everman Academy High School.

Everman Academy Service Learners are committed to service!

Service Learners are currently helping on-campus with our Recycling Awareness!

Everman Academy High School

300 Shelby Road

Everman, Tx 76140

Phone: 817.568.3520

Fax: 817.568.3516



Register for SAT- www.collegeboard.org 

Register for ACT -


College Application- www.applytexas.com 

Financial Aid- www.FAFSA.gov

College Planning/Scholarships -



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Dear Everman Academy Students,Parents, Stakeholders and Community members of Everman ISD,

The fall season has quickly approached us again. The Texas air is cooler and our days are growing shorter. However, we are proud to say that the students of Everman Academy High School students and teachers are still full of energy, fully engaged in their course work, tutorials and school activities.


WE believe that with the proper support of people like you and our faculty at Everman Academy and throughout our district, we will be able to help all of our students not only graduate with a High School Diploma, but reach much further as they follow their dreams.        

As we continue to work with the students of Everman Academy High School we are excited about the potential that lies in each and every one of them. With your continued support we know that our campus will survive as a beacon of hope for those students seeking a second chance at success.

If you have any questions about Everman Academy High School, please feel free to visit us on the EAHS website or email me at mdehoyos@eisd.org 


Martin DeHoyos


Greetings Parents and Students,

My education journey began in 1995 while subbing for neighboring districts.  I felt a huge tug on my heart and decided to become a professional Educator in 1998.

I was a teacher in FWISD for eight years, three years in Crowley ISD and I am beginning my eighth year as an administrator in Everman ISD. I can hardly believe it has been 19 years since my journey began.  

In all of my experiences, I have found that students are simply young people! Whatever way I can impact their lives, I thoroughly enjoy it! I look forward to taking the skills that I have acquired, applying them to my assignment here at Everman Academy High School, and learning so much more.

I am very excited to be working with each of you!

Mrs. Cherie Pace

Assistant Principal

Everman Academy High School

Shelby DAEP Learning Center

Email: cpace@eisd.org 

(817) 568-3520   ext. 5461

Everman Academy High School is excited about using Chromebooks to support learning on our campus!


Math Facilitator, Mr. Baca is showing Senior, Selina G. the steps to successfully working a math problem.

DSCF0363.JPGScience Facilitator, Mrs. Wiegreffe along with Campus Liaison, Glenda Curry and student, Hailey Miller are hard at work using our campus technology.

DSCF0358.JPGEnglish Facilitator, Ms.Taylor is working with a small group of EOC testers.


Why Everman Academy High School?

  • We simply believe in building dreams, empowering students and facilitating student success!
  • We have helped several learners finish over 600 courses during the 2013-2014 School year!
  • Our program allows highly motivated students to complete 2-3 years of academic work in ONLY ONE School year!
  • Our staff has helped countless students graduate a YEAR early, even after being academically behind on their previous campus and/or school district.
  • In the 2012-13 School Year EAHS had 13 graduates and the number of graduates doubled to 26 graduates in 2013-14 School year!
  • Our highly-trained staff is committed to student achievement both in high school as well as Post-Secondary.

Who may apply to attend this high school?

Everman ISD students who:

  • Have a min. 5 1/2 credits or MORE.
  • Have a desire and strong commitment to graduating
  • Are at least 16 years of age
  • Have a strong desire to graduate High School early
  • Meet state at-risk criteria
  • Have fallen far behind on their credit accrual
  • Orre referred by a principal or Counselor
  • Left high school without graduating
  • Individuals with extenuating life circumstances

Applications will be reviewed by school personnel. Students may be admitted on a full or conditional basis.


 Greetings to all EAHS Students and Parents!

If you have any questions as to coursework or testing needs for your son or daughter to meet State of Texas requirements for graduation, please contact me by phone or email, or come by my office at your convenience.

Continued congratulations to our students for many individual successes in course completions and content learning!  

Student-Counselor conferences are ongoing as transcripts are reviewed as courses are completed..  The goal is student awareness of a clear path of remaining coursework toward graduation and investment in their  individual goal-setting.   Students and Parents - please contact me if there are any questions as to coursework and credit needs!

As a team, EAHS staff are working with our students on post-secondary plans, employment readiness, scholarship and college applications and career interest exploration.

Our students have attended the FWISD/area College Night, 10th & 11th graders have taken the PSAT, and registration for the SAT is underway for our 11th graders and projected 16-17 graduates.  Field trips to TCC and career-specific conferences are planned.

I continue to be available for academic questions and any social-emotional needs, concerns, and referrals for additional supports.   I look forward to assisting, in any way!

Mara Morrison, School Counselor                   mmorrison@eisd.org               (817)  568-3520 ext. 5460

Everman Academy High School

Everman Academy High School

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The vision of Everman Academy High School is to build relationships with and for stakeholders and to provide an innovative learning environment that will create a high performing school where students become productive citizens in a competitive, diverse and global environment.


Our mission is to develop relationships with students, parents and community stakeholders to provide learning opportunities, support systems and guidance for students to excel academically and gain entrance into college or career preparatory institutions to achieve lifelong success.

Everman Academy High School

300 Shelby Road, Everman, TX 76140

Phone: 817.568.3520  Fax: 817.568.3516