Resources: Digital Tactics Workshop

Slides Available Here: 

Presentations Notes: 

Google Doc Folder with Pitt-Greensburg Assignment Examples: 

Resources Per Slide:

Slide 3 and 4 - Let’s Get Digital! But, why? & Advantages to Digital Learning 


        Slide 5 - Common Concerns (and responses to those concerns)

        Slide 6 - Wikispaces


                        Quick  tutorial videos - 

        Slide 7 - Voyant


                        Documentation on tools - 

Screencast tutorials - 

UTexas Example Assignment - 

Other Example - 

        Slide 8 - TimeMapper


                        Timemapper Review - 

Google Spreadsheet Template - 

Greenfield’s Example TimeMap - 

Brooke Stewart’s Example Google Spreadsheet - 

Brooke Stewart’s Example TimeMap - 

Higher Level Thinking Assignment Example - thinking beyond the TimeMap: 

        Slide 9 - Kumu



Example Ice Challenge - Temporal Network - 

Example Nell Nelson Research - 

        Slide 10 - Discussion of Teaching Materials and Digital Opportunities

Dr. Beshero-Bondar mentioned an online annotation tool she uses in her classes called -

Here are some example assignments they offer on their site -

For the numerous historians in the room here is the site I mentioned that provides a multitude of DH tools targeting History -

And for Dr. Triplette the spanish iteration of the same site -