Dean Street

Fourth to Fifth Avenues

North Side

397, 401, 407, 413 Dean Street

These frame houses appear on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

415 Dean Street

This house appears on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

427-433 Dean Street

“Projected Buildings – Tenements,” RERBG June 19, 1909, p. 718:

Dean st, n s, 63.4 w 5th av, two 4-sty brick tenements, 50x69.10, tar and gravel roof, 16 families each; total cost, $50,000; owner, Gustaf A. Johnson Building Co., 1703 79th st; architects, Slee & Bryson, 180 Montague st. Plan No. 3899.

South Side

386 Dean Street

"Buildings Projected; Brooklyn, N.Y.," RER v. XXIV, no. 591 (July 12, 1879), p. 574.

Plan 531 - Dean st (No. 386), s s, 175 e 4th av, one two-story brick dwell'g, 20x40, tin roof and wooden cornice; architect, & c., A. J. Sip, 388 Dean st.

386-422 Dean Street

These mostly brick, and some frame, houses appear on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

416-422 Dean Street

“Buildings. Projected, Brooklyn,” RERBG v. 16, n. 394 (October 2, 1875), p. 652:

Dean st, 150 w. 5th av, four two-story brick dwellings, 20x42; owner, William Maguire, De Kalb av, near Hall st; architect, G. White; builder, A. Van Vorst.

Swedish Methodist Church (424 Dean Street)

Brooklyn Eagle, September 14, 1872, p. 2 identifies this as the Swedish Methodist Church.

A.k.a. Scandinavian Methodist Church: BE, March 01, 1876, p. 4, "Methodists".  An 1869 article has the SMC in Pacific near Flatbush.

"Building Intelligence; Alterations and Additions; Brooklyn, N. Y.," AABN vol. 45, no. 971 (Aug. 4, 1894): p. 2.

– "Dean St., s s, 150' w Fifth Ave., one-st’y and basement brick church 45' x 70', slate roof; two-st’y brick extension, 60' x 18' 9" , tin roof, to be added and other alterations made; $3,800 each; own., Trustees, G. A. Wahlburg, chairman, 281-289 Butler St."


Identified as "Scandinavian Church" on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

430 Dean Street

“Buildings Projected, Brooklyn, N.Y.,” RERBG v. 20, n. 504 (November 10, 1877), p. 879:

Dean st, s s, 80 w 5th av & Bergen st, n s, 80 w 5th av, two three-story brown stone dwellings, 20x50; owner, Geo. W. Brown, 46 Portland av; architect, T. F. Thomas; builder, L. Brown.

Fifth Avenue to Flatbush Avenue

South Side

452 Dean Street

This building appears on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.