Frequently Asked Drivers Ed Questions

Q: How much is Drivers Ed at the High School?

A: $150.00


Q: How do I sign up for the class?

A: You sign up by paying $150.00 to the Finance Office. When you are at the attendance office you will then be asked which session you want to be enrolled in.


Q: How do I sign up for Range and Road if you take the Drivers Ed class online?

A: You need to pay $105.00 to the finance office. Once you have paid, the Finance Secretary will give you instructions on how to sign up for range and also paperwork to bring to range.


Q: Do I have to have a learner permit BEFORE I start the class?

A: Yes. It is required that you have your permit before the class starts.


Q: What do I bring on the first day of class?

A: You will need a writing utensil, a notebook and your learner permit. Everything else required of you will be provided.


Q: Where is the class located?

A: In room #102. Room 102 is located right across the hall from the front office.


Q: How do I sign up for Range?

A: On the AFHS website find the Drivers Ed Department. Once you are on the Dr. Ed. Page there will be tabs on the left hand side that says “Range”.  You sign up by filling out the form.


Q: What are the dates and times for Range?

A: Range is offered about every other month on Monday-Thursday. The times are 2:45-4:45 and 4:45-6:45. We do offer a 6:45-8:45 session if the other two fill.


Q: Is Range ever offered in the morning?

A: No. Range is only offered after school from 2:45-4:45 and 4:45-6:45.


Q: How do I sign up for Road?

A: You don’t sign up for road. Once you complete and pass the class and range your paperwork gets handed out to a Driving Instructor. The Driving Instructor will contact you in order of when you are eligible to get your license.


Q: If I am taking Drivers Ed online can I sign up for Range before I finish the class?

A: Yes. At AFHS you need to pay $105.00 at the Finance Office. They will give you directions on how to sign up for range.


Q: Once I complete the class and Range, can I go take my road test at the Driver’s License Division?

A: No. Part of Road is driving on the road for 4 hours and observing someone else drive for 4 hours. If you take the driving test somewhere else you will still not be eligible for a license because you don’t have the 4 hours driving and 4 hours observing on the road.



Q: Is there anywhere I can take Road besides AFHS?

A: Yes. There are many private driving schools around that will test you but you need to make sure you drive for 6 hours and observe someone else drive for 6 hours along with taking the test. If not, you will not have enough hours to get your license.



Q: How do I find out who my Road Instructor is?

A: On AFHS Website under the Driver Ed Department there is a tab that says “Road Instructor Assignments” You will find your student number listed under which instructor has your card.


Q: Who do I contact for further Drivers Ed questions?

A: Shelese Robinson. The best way to contact her is by email.