Cozad High School

2017-18 Freshman Device Program

Each year, Cozad High School faculty, administration and technology staff evaluate the student device program with the goal of providing the best educational experience possible to our students.  We also strive to keep things as simple, efficient and cost-effective as possible for our parents and our patrons.

Beginning with the freshman class of 2021, CHS will begin the transition to a new type of student device called a Chromebook.  Chromebooks are similar to laptop computers, but are less expensive, easier to maintain and operate, and provide significantly longer battery life.  We believe that the Chromebook is an excellent device in meeting the academic needs of high school students.

All grade 9 students (class of 2021) and all new students will be issued Chromebooks to begin the 2017-18 school year.  No iPad lease or BYOD option will be provided.  With parent permission and for a $15 maintenance fee, the student may elect to take the Chromebook home outside of the school day.  We will continue to provide students with one free repair per year, with subsequent repairs to be covered by the student.  Fortunately, repair costs are less expensive with Chromebooks (typically around $25).  The school will retain ownership of the Chromebooks and no lease option will be provided to freshmen or new students.

Device Program Details

The school will provide the student with a chromebook and charger at no cost.  The device will be provided during the school day, before, and after school, but must remain at the school.  

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