Framework Solution or Sympathy - Group 3

Stella Herzig (St. Ambrose), Jaci Wilkinson (Luther), Holly White (Luther), Jennifer (Mercy College of)

Elect a recorder for your group - That person will take notes over your instruction activities and your brainstorming as you discuss. The group should brainstorm about your instruction activities. Not sure where to get started? Think about:

Group notes:

Stella’s Activity - Visual Literacy - primary data, good authority, how to find it, customizing what they find, does what they choose out of primary data support their claim, how to relate that finding in a graphic form.

  1. Talk about where to find statistics
  1. Google!!
  2. Who gathers data??
  1. Introduce students to American factfinder to community survey to see the characteristics of their hometown
  1. Find educational attainment in their hometown
  2. Income
  1. Download the data as an Excel sheet
  2. Make a chart
  1. What is the chart telling you??
  1. Media Librarian teaches students to use Infogram to:
  1. Compare educational attainment for men/women
  2. Income by educational degree for men/women
  3. How do you find what is the important part of this mess of data?
  1. Share infograms on Google docs, bring up on class screen
  1. Ask students - what claim does this support??
  1. If there is time, discuss:
  1. What other data might be interesting? Race!
  1. Homework - Create a citation of the data in APA

Jaci Wilkinson’s Activity - Paideia Research Unit - 19th Century Arts