There is a star named Paeliad that orbits comfortably on the outskirts of the Hercules globular cluster, and heading toward that star is a small craft. Reaching the outskirts of the Paeliad system, it continues to fly towards the heart of the system. It is a tiny craft, black and smooth, and shaped like a slightly flattened egg. It has few visible features, except for the engine exhaust ports. Even if sound transmitted in the vacuum of space, the only noise would be the occasional thruster burst.

The craft had taken years to reach this point, and it would take a few more months before it would reach its destination. But there was no rush. There was an adequate amount of fuel, all propulsion systems were running within acceptable limits, and navigational computers were maintaining calibration. Everything was on schedule. It would land precisely where and when it was intended.

It passes silently by a gas giant, seventh from Paeliad, which appears motionless even though it was moving by it at thousands of kilometers an hour. No one seems to notice the craft as it passes by the massive sphere of gas and dust. Hardly any life existed in this region because of the massive radiation emitted by this would-be star, and even if someone was nearby, it was unlikely they would concern themselves with such a seemingly insignificant object.

A few days later the optical sensors are finally able to detect the destination. It makes a slight course correction. Hours later, a barely-perceptible point grows into a distinct blue dot. A few more hours pass and the dot grows into a ball. Another hour and the planet completely dwarfs it. The shiny black craft becomes a speck of dust against the blue, white, and green sphere. Several minutes later, the planet appears to swell as the craft finally enters the atmosphere.

The oxygen around the craft, ignited by friction, suddenly surrounds it in a superheated halo of plasma. Carefully calculated and meticulously controlled, the craft surfs the atmosphere down towards the ground, slowing just enough to stay on course. Ahead, what was just a giant landmass soon appears to be a distinct continent. Moments later the continent expands until the oceans surrounding it are no longer visible. A minute later, a lush green valley comes into focus. Seconds pass, and the forest appears to rush upward as the craft hurls itself toward the ground. It smashes through the forest canopy, tearing through leaves and branches. It impacts the forest floor and drills itself several meters in the ground. Soil, twigs, branches, and other pieces of forest scattered in all directions.

The craft rests under the ground quietly and motionless for a moment until a particular system activates. This system has been dormant since before it was created and installed on the craft, but now it was online. The dirt around the craft begins to shift. Nearby, a tree that had hung precariously near the mouth of the crater suddenly shifts and topples over. It crashes through the other trees and lands inside the crater. The ground slowly begins to twist and churn. Another tree close to the crater then wobbles and topples over. A loud crack echoes through the forest as yet another tree suddenly snaps near the base. It falls to the ground, followed by another tree, and another, and another. All around the crater, the soil begins to shift, and trees start to move.

Now the mission was complete.