Superheroes V.S. Randomness


Previously on Superheroes V.S. Randomness, he picked up the device and on the back it said, “Warning: Leads to parallel universe.” Tushu clicked it anyways, They were on a different universe that looked like Earth but everything was backwards. Tushu dropped the device. Tushu asked Adrian Grey if he could fix the parallel device. But first Adrian Grey asked them if they could help him with his partner, Drake Whitman. Drake said he had seen Santa Claus when he was little but had a bad experience with Santa. Adrian Grey was Santa Claus and he tried to kill Drake. “A long time ago, Drake threatened to kill my family if I didn’t rob from the bank of London. He knew I was Santa Claus and he knew I was jolly enough to take the blame. I went to the Bank and met Drake there. I knew I had to kill him or I would ruin my whole reputation as Santa Claus scaring people for life, so I pulled the trigger on my gun but the bullet wouldn’t come out and he ran away before I could even kill him. This is why I need your help, so he doesn’t see my face. Plus, Drake has one of the tools that you need to fix your parallel device.” Adrian pleaded. Tushu agreed to go, soon the four finished packing and started off on their journey.

As soon as the 4 brave warriors left Adrian’s place, (Santa’s Secret Warehouse) they were surrounded by water. Now Tushu, Vihaan, and Revy realized why it was, “Secret.” Luckily they grabbed a foldable boat before they left so they set it up. Once they were all settled there food was taken by a bird flying past them in a breeze. Revy started yelling, “What are we going to do? What are we going to do?” Everybody just ignored him. The 4 started to hallucinate, they started to see each other as food. Revy looked like a turkey, Tushu looked like a hot dog, Vihaan looked like a pizza, and Adrian looked like macaroni and cheese. Vihaan started to eat Tushu, but right when he climbed on Tushu, the boat hit The Point of No Return Bay.

On The Point of No Return Bay, Adrian thought he saw a big candy house, but it was just his hallucination. A big monkey came at Tushu and hit him in the head for a hour. Once he was awake the 4 got out of the bay into Yuvalandia, they stopped at a restaurant to get some food. All the money they packed up was in the same bag with the snacks! So they combined all of their pocket money and together they had found, 97 cents and a toothpick. Vihaan said, “I call keeping the toothpick.” They asked the waitress in the pretty dress what they can get for $.97, she replied there was nothing they could get. So they kept on going, they walked through the country of Yuvalandia and saw Valentine Posters with red lights all around it. Everywhere they looked, they saw some type of Valentine celebration. They saw many people kissing too! They left the country of Yuvalandia watching a parade all the way to Laserfenia. After the parade, they got back on track using the map Adrian had put together before they left Santa’s Secret Warehouse. It looked something like this:

The map had one more place before they got to Tobyrinthia, (Drake’s location) the No Survivor Desert. The journey didn’t go as planned. The 4 ran out of food from the parade. The gear became too heavy and they abandoned it. Luckily they had stayed close to the water, so they had enough to drink. Nevertheless, without food they would only last so long. They resorted to catching frogs, and scavenging anything else that looked edible. They’d been gone for over two weeks when Vihaan and Revy’s mom reported them as missing, and no one had any idea where they’d disappeared to. By sheer coincidence the Tobyrinthia’s county’s sheriff had recently completed a course in finding missing autistic people. He knew they tended to be attracted to water, and thought the river would be as good a place as any to look. He arranged for a helicopter to fly its length and back again, but without much hope—he described the area as, “Some of the most unforgiving terrain you will find anywhere on Earth.” Yet the 4 were in luck, and the helicopter spotted him as they laid in the river, only barely able to wave at the crew. When they were found they were emaciated. They’d been in the desert for three weeks, and they were too weak to crawl. They had spent the last few days sleeping on the riverbank by night, and rolling into the water during the day to stay cool. The sheriff’s department reported that 24 hours more and they would have been too late. The helicopter took them to Tobyrinthia and let them rest for a while. When they woke up, the sheriff provided them with food and let them go. Luckily, the police station was 2 miles away from Drake’s location. The 4 walked over to Drake’s location and ringed the doorbell. Drake came to the door with nothing on but underpants and saw Adrian, he quickly grabbed his gun. Drake asked what they were doing there. Adrian explained the whole story they had been through. Drake put the gun down and invited them in. Adrian realized he left the parts for the machine at home. Adrian asked Drake if he would come with us with the part that he had to home to fix the machine. Drake agreed and they left Drake’s house reloaded with food. They remembered there was a mountain called, “Peaks of Death.”  They decided it would be best if they went through there instead. Tushu went to his backpack to see the route back home but he couldn’t find the map! They were lost!


Coming April 1, 2016