---Muslims Against Erdogan---


As UK Muslim residents and particularly of Cambridgeshire and student groups and societies at the universities and colleges in Cambridge, friends of Muslims, and others alike, we write to express our frustration with the insensitive decision taken by the committee of the Cambridge Central Mosque to invite and host the president of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for the inauguration of the mosque on Thursday, 5th December 2019. As Muslims we are very pleased and honoured to have such a beautiful house of worship dedicated to the worship of God (SWT) and bringing communities closer to fight Islamophobia, therefore, we categorically reject the use of our mosque and town as a platform for individuals that represent one of the most war-mongering and anti-democratic regimes in the world today.

The Cambridge Central Mosque belongs to all Muslims, and in particular the Cambridgeshire residents, and it must therefore represent the people not a state or a political organisation. Allowing the mosque to be used as a propaganda platform by a state or a government will certainly displease God (SWT) and compromise His house for worship, as well as marring the Muslim image in the UK and particularly of that of Cambridge Muslims. We reject the use of God’s house and message of Islam to be hijacked by any group, such as the Turkish state.

Mr Erdogan is the head of a state with a history of taking genocidal measures against minorities, which is currently systematically abusing the human rights of Muslims and other religious and ethnic minorities alike living within Turkish borders, as well as engaging in cross-border wars of aggression and military operations against majority Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq. In the last five years alone, the Turkish state’s indiscriminate killing sprees resulted in the death of thousands of Muslim Kurds in three countries.

A 2017 report by the UN High Commission for Human Rights highlighted the significant deterioration of the human rights situation in the Kurdish towns and cities across South-East Turkey since July 2015, which included the indiscriminate massacre of hundreds of civilians, enforced disappearances, torture, systematic destruction of housing and the displacement of up to half a million people. Thousands of Turkish academics signed a petition calling on Turkey to respect Kurds’ human rights, many of whom were later charged with terrorism.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Turkey is currently “the world’s worst jailer of journalists”. Tens of thousands of civil society activists, lawyers, writers, teachers, workers, and women’s rights defenders, as well as legally elected MPs and mayors are in Turkish jails for criticizing Mr Erdogan’s government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). By inviting and hosting such a brutal leader in a holy mosque in one of the world's leading intellectual and tolerant towns, we will give unintentional support to the systematic crack-down on basic God-given rights perpetrated by the Turkish state.

In early 2018, Mr Erdogan, launched an illegal cross-border operation and invaded the majority Kurdish enclave of Afrin in Northern Syria, with the help of ISIS and Al-Qaeda remnants. Hundreds of civilians were murdered in the illicit operation, whilst more than 300,000 people were forcibly displaced, and an ethnic cleansing campaign ensued by the Turkish state to demographically change the region’s composition and identity. The occupation of Afrin resulted in the targeted destruction of ancient sites and the systematic looting of homes, wild stocks and crops, directly in violation of the teachings of the Qur’an and the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (saw). The Turkish state along with affiliated extremist groups that led the occupation on the ground committed serious offences such as sexual violence as a tool of war, kidnappings of civilians, and forced conversions of religious minorities, again in violation of Qur’anic verses (Surah Al-Baqarah [2:256]).

In October 2019, Mr Erdogan, launched yet another illegal cross-border invasion operation against the multi-ethnic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), leading to mass displacements of over 300,000 indigenous peoples of the region in apparent act of ethnic cleansing. This ensued by destruction and looting of civilian properties, field execution of civilians and politicians and mutilation of dead fighters, as well as using internationally banned weapons on civilians, all of which mounting to war crimes committed by the Turkish state, and yet again directly violating the teachings of the Islamic faith.  

Mr Erdogan represents a deeply racist and un-Islamic government and state which viciously oppresses its citizens and denies minorities basic human rights and equality. These shameful practices are highly in contrast with our beliefs in equality and mutual respect for common values such as fundamental human rights, bestowed upon us by the Almighty.

As UK Muslim citizens, friends, and particularly Muslim residents and friends alike in Cambridgeshire and affiliated groups at universities and colleges in Cambridge, we stand in solidarity with the people suffering from the anti-democratic regime and violence of the Turkish state. Furthermore, as citizens of the UK, a country with a colonial past that has resulted in the occupation and persecution of the Kurdish population in the Middle East, we feel obliged to the people, who use their civil and human rights to struggle for democracy, equality, and freedom. We reiterate in the strongest terms that the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not welcome at our mosque and town under any circumstances. We demand the Cambridge Central Mosque committee to formally withdraw this invitation and denounce the un-Islamic practises of the Turkish Republic led by Mr Erdogan and sever all ties with the Turkish Republic.

Muslims Against Erdogan

Contact: muslims.against.erdogan@gmail.com


Organisation signatories:

  1. Cambridge University Kurdish Society
  2. Cambridge Unite Community Branch
  3. Cambridge Kurdistan Solidarity
  4. Cambridge Stop The War
  5. Critical Pakistan at Cambridge
  6. Cambridge rs21 
  7. Cambridge Defend Education
  8. Demilitarise Cambridge
  9. Critical Theory and Practice Seminar Group
  10. Tamil Information Centre
  11. Peace in Kurdistan Campaign UK
  12. Refugee Lifeboat
  13. Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign
  14. Cambridge Social Ecology
  15. ECHO for Refugees
  16. Cambridge Group for Ethics in Engineering and Computer Science
  17. Cambridge University Labour Club
  18. Kurdish People’s Assembly London
  19. Oxford Kurdish Association
  20. LSE SU Kurdish Society
  21. Decolonise Sociology
  22. Rebel Architects Faction
  23. Lewisham Momentum
  24. Labour Friends of Rojava
  25. Unity of Democratic Organisations
  26. Cambridge Socialist Society
  27. Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)

Individual signatories:

  1. Barzan Sadiq
  2. Dilar Dirik
  3. Roni Hartmann
  4. Bavil Ahmad
  5. Mezna Qato
  6. Manali Desai
  7. Rashmi Singh
  8. Asiya Islam
  9. Abdul Khalik Palany
  10. Hoshman Ismail
  11. Abdal Kareem Muhammad
  12. Thaneeya Mostifa
  13. Sadeeq Muhammad Yasseen
  14. Hakan Sandal
  15. Mahvish Ahmad
  16. Arsalan Azad
  17. Zeynab Habib
  18. Mohammed Elnaiem
  19. Priyamvada Gopal
  20. Evin Abrishami
  21. Roushin Bagdash
  22. Aisha Farooq
  23. Mohammed Ahmed Nasir
  24. Abdullah Sedeeq
  25. Nazim Qasim Agha
  26. Rojda Islam
  27. Tariq  Bawa
  28. Yassir Fathullah
  29.  Sazan Meran
  30. Warsame Nur
  31. Waseem Yaqoob
  32. Ayşe Polat
  33. Ruwayda Mustafah
  34. Neha Moharir
  35. Aram Ommar
  36. Kaniaw Dilzer
  37. Mehmet Kurt
  38. Soran Sadik
  39. Aisha Anjum
  40. Nadia Ali
  41. Mustafa Barcho
  42. Taban Hawezy
  43. Olga Batty
  44. Sewar Barko
  45. Nashmil Hawezy
  46. Omar Barko
  47. Rebwar R. Salih
  48. Diween Hawezy
  49. Saide Mobayed
  50. Ahmet Kara
  51. Alan Sidik
  52. Renas Mala Harso
  53. Atilla Mala Nigqalin
  54. Ugur Mala Nigqalin
  55. Serhat Mala Harso
  56. Yusuf Mala Harso
  57. Vahdet Mala Harso
  58. Sarah Parker
  59. Dr Felix Padel
  60. Prof David Hill
  61. Dr Trevor Rayne
  62. Dr Derek Wall
  63. Jonathan Bloch
  64. Saleh Mamon
  65. Robert Atkins
  66. Vehbi Mala Harso
  67. Abdulla Ali
  68. Alexander Aston
  69. James Youd, Unite the Union
  70. Jessica Fernandez de Lara H
  71. Hozan Sadi
  72. Salim Kasim
  73. Ragheb Alaadin
  74. Shareef Hadamie
  75. Shaheen Ramidah
  76. Ahmed Dabagh
  77. Sapheen Meran
  78. Julia Steinhardt
  79. Ismail Mohammed
  80. Darvesh Kaylanee
  81. Samer Jalabie
  82. Zaher Jalal
  83. Nuraddin Habbib
  84. Kamil Muradi
  85. Adam Hussein
  86. Mohamad Shamari
  87. Reza Khavar
  88. Sameera Nameek
  89. Radwan Khuadairy
  90. Ahamd Tawfeeq
  91. Abdulla Agreen
  92. Shamal Saeed
  93. Ismael Ibrahim
  94. Kawthar Madany
  95. Jallal Seemad
  96. Abdul Rahman Sadik Mohammed
  97. Hasan Shamari
  98. Saddradin Faisal
  99. Nasreen Zokak
  100. Taher Talany
  101. Zerak Mohamad
  102. Farooq Abdulla
  103. Mahmood Abdul-jabbar
  104. Bahadin Qurayshi
  105. Hadi Adil
  106. Tim Rayner
  107. Dylan Carver
  108. John David Rhodes
  109. Olga Zeveleva
  110. Dilan Kaya
  111. Surabhi Ranganathan
  112. Patrick Fahey
  113. Julieta Galante
  114. David Dahlborn
  115. J. Miller
  116. Eleanor Cawte
  117. Paula Velasco
  118. Stella Swain
  119. Rachell Sánchez
  120. Philip Luther-Davies
  121. Justin Pearce
  122. John Hunt
  123. Connor Hayes
  124. Akif R Wan
  125. Brunella Torricelli
  126. Gordon Cullum
  127. Lena Moore
  128. Mimi Howard
  129. Ted Tregear
  130. Jalal Tofeeq
  131. Susanne Hakenbeck
  132. Eleanor Blair
  133. Rufus Jordana
  134. Rory Kent
  135. Nathaniel Cooke
  136. Tyler Denmead
  137. Johanna Riha
  138. Beth Bhargava
  139. Rozerin K Topal
  140. Stephanie Mawson
  141. Hollie Wright
  142. Tom Mayer
  143. Seán Goral
  144. Harrison Jennings
  145. Arran Parry-Davies
  146. Jacob Schafheutle-Evans
  147. Zaher Baher
  148. Alice Levin
  149. Pedro Faria
  150. Ben Bishop
  151. Michele Sanchez
  152. Ruth Lawlor
  153. Mitch Mitchell
  154. Andrew “ozzy” Osborne
  155. Aleksandra Janowska
  156. Sarah Franklin
  157. Anne Gray
  158. Elen Hughes
  159. Kani Asaad
  160. Ala Hassan
  161. Naim BroSteven Watson
  162. Olga Plocienniczak
  163. Jason Scott-Warren
  164. Kezhe Temir
  165. Ewan Hawkins
  166. Elise Burton
  167. Mariya Andriyevska
  168. Joseph Cotton
  169. Luke Hawksbee
  170. Rodrigo Arteaga
  171. Miriam Dzah
  172. Kerry Mackereth
  173. Sharmila Parmanand
  174. Juliana Demartini Brito
  175. Sait Keskin
  176. Simon Timmins
  177. Elif Sarican
  178. Alex Rhys Wakefield
  179. Ali Dagcayi
  180. Perrie Kurban
  181. Nick Evans
  182. Lilly Zafer
  183. Emily Muna
  184. Jarrah O’Neill
  185. Naoise Murphy
  186. Gulsen Coskun
  187. Julia Doyle
  188. Lawand Omar
  189. Marisa Bouvet
  190. Gilda Notarbartolo
  191. Nejla Coskun
  192. David Graeber
  193. Mehmet Sait Yilmaz
  194. Nahide Zengin
  195. Mehmet Oguz
  196. Sureyya Sunmez
  197. Gulistan Sunmez
  198. Meral Coskun
  199. Diana Coskun
  200. Seyran Coskun
  201. Berivan Coskun
  202. Ronahi Coskun
  203. Ilhan Sis
  204. Elif Gun
  205. Kadirye Coskun
  206. Mehmet Aksoy
  207. Bertan Gunes
  208. Mehmet Avcil
  209. Ibrahim Yahli
  210. Amine Celik
  211. Mehtap Celik
  212. Eda Celik
  213. Cigdem Celik
  214. Eylem Sonmez
  215. Dijle Sonmez
  216. Bektas Yavuz
  217. Fatma Gul
  218. Deniz Bicer
  219. Safia Anjum
  220. Mehmet Avcil
  221. Ercan Akbal
  222. Hikmet Erden
  223. Ada Imamoglu
  224. Owen Dowling
  225. Thomas Jeffrey Miley
  226. Solange Manche
  227. Nirwan O’Shea-Nejad
  228. John Elo
  229. Necibe Qeredaxi
  230. Ozgur Atas
  231. Kathryn Medien
  232. Ilse Bender
  233. Justin Meggitt
  234. Stefano Magariello
  235. Miguel Hernández
  236. Marcin Smietana
  237. Rich Rippin
  238. Aysel Yildirim
  239. Kemal Yildirim
  240. Sevda Polat
  241. Ersin Coskun
  242. Fuat Celik
  243. Leila Amini
  244. Guner Aydın
  245. Mark Campbell
  246. Berıvan Nayır
  247. Ali Taşyurdu
  248. Sa'adiah Khan
  249. Bırsen Poyraz
  250. Ray Cassidy
  251. Alistair Storer
  252. B Nicolson
  253. Rosie Talbot
  254. Anne Alexander
  255. Bryn Wilcox
  256. Sara Dannaoui
  257. Thea Zijlstra
  258. Autumn Pinto
  259. Alicia Kasto
  260. Denicia Bernard
  261. Lewis Johnson
  262. Corinna Leppin
  263. Julia Patynek
  264. Imogen Cornish
  265. Nurten Akkaya
  266. Beja Protner
  267. Natasha Tanna
  268. Kerensa Gaunt
  269. Ayesha Malik
  270. Sanna Khawaja
  271. Katie Gaddini
  272. Caroline Gonda
  273. Ahktar Ahmed
  274. Syeda Akther
  275. Andrew James Brown
  276. Caroline Metz
  277. Leyla Qasim Mirza
  278. Seyda Nurudeen
  279. Heather Stallard
  280. Elfadil Osman
  281. Alexander Schulenburg
  282. Kirill Reshetov
  283. Krish Neha
  284. Tarin Brokenshire
  285. Michael Ali
  286. Weysi Ciya
  287. Jelal Bin Hashim
  288. Tara Asgarilaleh
  289. Amina Brimo
  290. Muqtada Kashir
  291. Cathy Ghalib
  292. Saz Ahmed

Please note that this petition can now only be signed by contacting muslims.against.erdogan@gmail.com