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Flash Cards




1 Experimental Design

Exp. Design F.C.

Experimental Planning Guide

Does the data support the Hypothesis?

Safety Scavenger Hunt

Google Information Form

2&3 Ecology

Unit 2 Ecology:  Lesson 1 Vocabulary

Unit 2 Ecology: Lesson 2 and 3 Vocabulary

Aquatic Research

Ecological Pyramid Investigation

Brine Shrimp Investigation

Peer Evaluation of Lab Participation

Brine Shrimp Lab Rubric

Student journal pages

Examples of Succession

Nitrogen and carbon cycles

Ecosystem Stability Project

Ecosystem Stability Project Rubric

Ecology  prezi 

1. pgs 90-93 ?s here

 here for Modified Questions

2.  Read pages 124-127 and click here to submit your answers

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3.  Read pages 76-80

 Click here to submit your answers to your reading

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Unit 4:  Macromolecules

Unit 3:  Lesson 1 Flashcards


Student Discussion Guide

Biomolecule lab

Prezi Notes on Macromolecules

Unit 4 Lesson 2


Enzyme flashcards

Toothpickase Activity

Enzyme Webquest

Enzyme Prezi Notes

Enzyme Video CLip

Unit 5 Photosynthesis and Respiration

Endosymbiosis Theory research 

Endosymbiosis website for questions


Endosymbiotic animation

Awesome cell comic book game

Cell Analogy Poster Assignment

Specialized Cell Structures

Cell Analogy Rubric

Osmosis in Eggs Lab

Osmosis in Elodea Lab

virtual lab

Photosynthesis Lab Questions 

Comparing Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

Powerpoint pro vs Eukaryotes

Fantastic Osmosis song

Cell Rap

Cell Song

Cell Transport Prezi Notes

Read pages 221-225 and take notes

Answer ?s on page 225 #1-5

Unit 6 Mitosis

Cyclin game...awesome

Great animation of cell checkpoints in normal vs. damaged cells

Cellular Diffusion Lab

Lab Mitosis in Onion Cells

Cell Cycle Project Rubric

Mitosis Video:  Notes if absent

Mitosis virtual lab

Unit 7  DNA

Transcription and Translation

 NOVA video on DNA and the human genome

Go to this site and go through the modules What is DNA, What is a Gene and What is a Chromosome?

DNA/RNA song

DNA Replication Video clip

DNA video

Transcription Lesson Notes Video

Animation of Transcription and Translation