Saturday Night July 22, 2017 (7:00 PM)

Registration Deadline: Saturday, July 15, 2017

3 Classes of Competition

*1 Class Larger Combines

*1 Class Medium Combines

*1 Class Smaller Combines



*5:00 PM - Mandatory Pit Meeting

*6:30 PM - Parade of Combines and Pit Crews


*$1,000 plus 3 FT Trophy to Win Each Class

*$500.00 Runner-Up Each Class

*$400.00 Guarantee for Each Competitor

*Parade Winner Best Decorated - $500.00

COMBINE Requirements

1. All glass and lights must be removed from the unit.

2. Fuel tank must be mounted in grain tank.

3. No 4WD units will be allowed.

4. Cab door must be chained or welded shut.

5. No duals are allowed, no calcium in tires for ballast, must be Ag type tires, no earthmover tires.

6. Remove ladder, unloading auger and choppers.

7. Must have cab or roll cage.

8. All drive belts to separator and head removed.

9. Bars must be welded on cab across the front and side to protect the driver.

10. Radiator must contain water only.

11. Batteries must be mounted in secure box.

12. No sharp edges to intentionally puncture opponents' tires will be allowed.

Header Requirements

1. All combines must have a header, maximum head width 16ft.

2. Head must be fixed between 18 and 24 inches off the ground with no float or hydraulic action.

3. All grain tables must have the reel, sickles, sheet metal points and guards removed.

4. Cornheads must have sheetmetal points, corn snouts and snapping rolls removed.

Combine Demo Derby Event Rules

1. Derby will consist of heats based on the number of entries.

2. All combines will be inspected and approved at pit meeting.

3. Derby officials may accept or reject any or all entries.

4. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older.

5. All drivers must wear a helmet and safety belt.

6. No radio helmet or radio communications with driver during the contest.

7. The decision of the judge and derby officials will be final.

8. No direct hits to the driver's area.

9. No hits when opponent is out of bounds. Keep combines within rails.

10. Raising or tipping another combine more than 10 inches off the ground may be grounds for disqualification. Do not try to   upset combine.

11. Any combine not making a hit within three minutes is disqualified, officials will give 1 warning.

12. If you lose your header you are disqualified.

13. Heats will last max. 20 minutes or until one combine makes the last hit.

14. A lath stick will be mounted within the driver's reach, stick must be broken off when driver is unable to continue. No deliberate hitting of disabled combines that have stick broken off.

15. All movement of combines must be halted upon signal of officials or announcers in case of fire, injury or official's concerns for safety.

16. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate disqualification. No alcohol or drugs allowed. Drivers are responsible for their crew.

17. Officials and competitors will work together to make this a safe and entertaining event for the fans and competitors.