1 / Please print, complete and return this document (3 pages):

- By mail or email with the requested deposit

2 / Information tenant


- First name:

- City:

- Postal Code:

- Address:

- Phone:

- Mobile Phone:

- Fax:

- Email:

3 / Type of property selected (circle one)

- MOBILE HOME "Class 1" 2 bedrooms (new Mobile home with terrace)

- MOBILE HOME "Class 1" 3 bedrooms (new Mobile home with terrace)

- MOBILE HOME "Class 2" 2 bedrooms (Mobile home between 4 and 7 years with terrace)

- MOBILE HOME "Class 3" 2 bedrooms (older models renovated with terrace)

- CHALET "Class 2" 2 bedrooms with terrace

- Location number:

- Class location:

- Ref:

4 / date of arrival / departure

- Arrival (from 15h) on:

- Departure (before 12am) on:

5 / Family Composition

- Number of adults:

- Number of children (- 7 years), please specify their ages:

- Number of children (7+ years), please specify their ages:

- Number of animals, indicate the breed or type SVP (remember to update his vaccinations before leaving on vacation) animal:

- Number of vehicles:

6 / Identification Card (booking and billing will be established in the name)

- NAME & Name of head of family:

- Date and place of birth:

- Nationality:

- Proof of identity ID:

Issued to the ................................... ............ by .................. ............................... ...............


No. Vehicle registration:

- Type:

- Brand:

- Colour:

7 / Identification Card (for any companions)

Do not return the identity of the head of the family

- Name:

- given names

- Relationship

8 / Note here your comments, if any:

9 / Reservation

This rental application involves the conditions below, rates and rules of the institution.

Rentals can not be less than a full week, every week starting Saturday at 15: 00 and ending on Saturday at 12 h00.

The booking shall bear your signature and accompanied by a deposit as follows:

- 50% of the rental amount depending on the chosen, with the possibility of settlement in two types. (Before June 1, 2014)

* € 30.00 plus booking fee and secretariat.

The balance will be paid upon arrival. Everything started stay will be due in full according to the dates listed on this application. No refunds will be given for early departure.


In case of cancellation before June 1, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. Beyond that date, the entire stay is due. In any case, the fees and secretariat will be refunded. All cancellations must be made in writing.


Upon receipt of your booking confirmation, you will be sent a receipt stating the number of the reservation, which must be presented upon arrival at camp.

All payments are to be made payable to Mrs DESCLAUX or by postal order or by postal order or bank check or by traveler's checks or by credit card.

Special Conditions: for your well being, swim shorts are prohibited at the pool and your pets should be kept on a lead within the campsite. Gas grills and charcoal are prohibited on parcels secure areas are provided for this purpose.

A deposit of € 200.00 will be required on arrival and returned on departure day after checking the inventory and inventory. Any caravan or mobile home must be left perfectly clean and without damage. Deterioration of equipment will be deducted from the deposit.

A household € 50 deposit is required on arrival and returned after inspection and returned to your home.

Our prices include all charges included (water, electricity, pool, location, hot shower) up to four people. The package will be increased by

€ 4.00 per day per extra person.

Are not provided, sheets, blankets and pillows.

Additional charges / day:

. Pet: € 2

. Boat: 3 €

. Installation Supp. (igloo tent): 2 €

. Additional vehicle. : 3 €

Signature of tenant

I agree to abide by the camp rules.


SIGNATURE Monitoring the words "read and approved"

Return to:

FULL FOREST CAMPING - 175, avenue de Bordeaux - 33510 ANDERNOS LES BAINS -

Tel 05-56-82-17-18 - Fax: - - Siret: 337 484 083 00023

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