NADINE’s HOUSE in association with NADINE’S Kitchen

Mission Statement: To empower and motivate creative mind.

As some of you know or now being introduced to I have been able to facilitate amazingly made soul food in the PNW, through pop up restaurants. I need an amazing group of people to help with the whole picture. Making great food is always the key to a healthy mind and a creative soul. In addition to that I want to expand the human creative place by creating a real living space for artist and mentors to help master the world. The loft spaces in Seattle are not just not doing justice to the creative community.

The basic structure:

Life skills: (working in the cafe 15-20 a week, paid. If they need assistance with housing that will also be addressed- eventually having a space for them to live),

Art Focus: (working alongside a like minded success, in a internship structure but better),

Merchandise: I will come up with a better description (where what they make they sell at the on site store, and get paid out weekly).

There will be a monthly showcase. After the 3 months in the program, the intended creative mind will have a choice, and will be able to sit down and speak to me about their future goals. I want to be able to help as much as I can push them in the direction they want to go.

In order to make this possible, I need a large space, and I need a lot of equipment. I want this to be a model in big cities everywhere that has art as the core of its pulse.

I want to start with 2 hand chosen Residents of each avenue and help build their light in the world.


5 avenues:

Visual: film, fine art, fashion, Jeweler





Cafe: Real life skills

Store: selling your work

Workshops 2 a week from a notable resource

15-20 a week paid

Will assist with housing if needed

10-15 Art focus, with a like minded success (like an internship but better)

Free store: clothing donation program

Administrative Structure:

Fiscal Sponsorship with Fractured Atlas application has been turned in. This means we can raised funds via different mediums and it can be tax-deductible.

Below are positions that need to be filled in the next month- and what is needed in that position.

Board members

President : EVERYTHING ;-)

VP: Is the President's main Connect to all that is happening.

Secretary: Maintains all of the work done by committees, and overall paper trail of the organization.

Treasurer: Does over all administrative work for Nadines house. Human Resources

Director of Committees

Meets once a week with Chairs ( In person or online), to gain progress on things happening, and is who works with the board members to keep them in the loop of all that is happening with every chair

Committee positions

Housing Chairman (1-2 people position)

In charge of forming housing relationships with Hostels, hotels, condos that have low occupancy. Setting up program where we can help pay for most if not all of the housing cost while they are employed at Nadine’s Cafe.  The main goal is get a large enough space to house the residents in the program.

Community outreach/Artist reach (1-2 people position)

Gets the community involved, by reaching out and involving our donors. Also maintaining the list of our Artist to teach workshops and host our young adults. Partnering with other mentoring programs. Also recruit volunteers.


To find funding, to keep funding, to source more funding.

Entertainment/social media (2-3 people position)

Planning events, locating non-profit spaces to throw galas, art shows, trade shows. Runs social media, and is in charge of setting up the onsite and online Merchandise store for the residents of the program.

College bound

College contact, everything there is to know about college, going to college, staying in college, and graduating and post college information.

Fasfa, Scholarships, Grants, ETC

Garden team (3-5 people)

I want to build a community garden and harvest veggies and fruits for the community and for Nadines Cafe.