#158 - StarCast: "Pianos, F1 and DDR… OH! and StarCraft"

w/ John “JoRoSaR” Sargent

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Intro:  Welcome to StarCast!  Your community StarCraft podcast!


Balance Patch coming this week!

David Kim came down from the Blizzard mountain with new stone tablets, pertaining to StarCraft’s balance, saying:

As always, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the balance of things, and have decided to address the issues concerning Terran and the Hellbat.

Here are our thoughts:

  1. Hellbat drops are mainly an issue for TvT.

  1. Terran isn't over performing so while nerfing Hellbats, we’d like to simultaneously push a buff to the Banshee.

  1. We think seeing less Hellbat play in the early mid game is not a bad thing, as other Terran harass options are a lot more interesting to watch.

  1. This change will also address any other lingering concerns we may have with Hellbats outside of TvT when it comes to early mid game.

So overall, we believe the changes we've been testing in the balance test map are solid for Hellbats:

Banshee changes on the other hand, we're planning on going ahead with just the cost reduction change only:

StarCraft 2 League

Today, I am proud to announce the SC2L (StarCraft® II League), Powered by D-Link! Our goal with the SC2L is to create a consistent, high-quality team league for the organizations in the West. We want the SC2L to become the Western world's premier team league.”

Joining us this season will be Liquid, ROOT, MouseSports, Acer, Axiom, EG, and Na`Vi, with Dignitas and compLexity competing as one joint team. Season 1 will be a single round-robin (meaning every team plays every other team once), leading into an online playoff. The final two teams standing after the online playoff will receive travel and hotel stipends to compete for the SC2L Season 1 Championship at DreamHack Bucharest, September 14th & 15th! With our Grand Finals match co-produced with DreamHack”


Kim Phan and Kevin Johnson AMA


Free Name Change Available

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The Results

GSTL 2013, Season 1

What I watched: StarTale vs LG_IM


Interview w/ Jorosar

Currently casting IEM Season 8 European Qualifiers


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