e-Learning Day 2 - grade 5

date assigned: Wednesday, February 21 2018                

date due:Friday, February 23, 2018 

Choose two activities from each column.

Language Arts



Creative Writing

Write a 5 sentence paragraph about winter, starting every sentence with the letter W. The paragraph should have a main idea and details.


Write 10 creative similes about objects at your house. Two in your bedroom. Two in your kitchen. Two in your living room. Two outside your door. Two in the closet.

For example: Our TV is as small as a magazine.

30 min.

(technology based activity)


Accelerated Math

IXL - Look at the categories that we have been working on and work on the ones that you need the most work. Work until you receive a medal. (it is suggested that you check your minutes in IXL to be sure you have worked your 30 minutes just today)

Accelerated Math:  choose any standard assigned to you and work for 30 minutes.

30 min.


Practice your recorder for 15 minutes. If you want to try for a belt, please record yourself playing and send it to Mrs. Legler.


Read the short story “British are Coming” in ReadWorks.org. Answer all the questions and make sure you use text evidence in your written answers (use paragraph numbers). Submit your answers.

30 min.


Watch the video “Coordinate Plane” and *do the activity and graphic organizer pages and submit answers to teacher either by printing out the page or writing your answers down on paper.

Username: tricounty

Password: cavaliers

30 min.

Read and work on your graphic organizer and report for your Genre Tic Tac Toe. (book report)

30 min.

Find a recipe (s) with a minimum of 6 ingredients that are written as fractions.

Double the recipe.

Triple the recipe.

Quadruple the recipe

Make it 8 times bigger

Make it 10 times bigger

(write all of your fractions down on paper and bring it in for grading)


30 min.

If you have questions about the assignments, email your teacher.

Teacher email: mattockss@trico.k12.in.us