X-Maiar: Stars of Future Past

In this latest release from the OFUM collection, past and future collide as the Maiar of the War of Wrath send one of their number back to the Ages of the Stars. Can a single Power alter the course of the Sacking of Utumno, and prevent the terrible future from ever coming to be?

Radio Nutmeg: Live!

The crew of Radio Nutmeg, HQ’s ONLY radio station, assemble on stage in a stunning live performance (not broadcast live). Will Undis Closed finally remove his mask and reveal his true identity? (Hint: no. No, he will not)

Comparative Canons

Multiverse Week, Part 4. Back-to-back showings of Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child (Prime Multiverse), The Unnamed Academian: An Unnerving Child (TCDA Multiverse), and Master Who: An Unearthly Abomination, followed by analysis from our team in the Department of Intelligence.


We coerce two more agents onto the Satellite of Lust, where they join Agent Luxury in reading the baddest of badfic! And remember: If you’re wondering how they eat and breathe/Or other science facts/Just repeat to yourself, ‘It’s just a show/I should really just relax/Or else my irresponsible questioning attitude will break the suspension of disbelief and allow the rules of reality to take hold and condemn them all to a lonely death/On Mystery Science Theatre - HQ!


Our three-part news program, featuring:

HQ News: In partnership with the Multiverse Monitor. Latest happenings in HQ, current residents of FicPsych, probability gradients to avoid, and the all important cafeteria menu.

Canon Watch: The latest releases, remakes, and retcons. A must-see for any up-to-date PPC agent.

Fandom Frolics: (Previously Fun in Fandom, previously Fandom Frenzy) All the current trends in the most popular fandoms. Seen inexplicable repetitions of the same bizarre pairing? Send it in and we’ll feature it!

The Leggy Movie

Another contribution from OFUM. Plastic!Legolas uncovers a prophecy indicating he might be The Special, the most important plastic canon ever - but his new friend, plastic!Tauriel, will take some convincing…

RC #747

The hilarious mishaps and wacky hijinks of Agents Parke and Thorpe continue. Thorpe’s new girlfriend is paying the ladies an unexpected visit - can they clean up the wreckage of Parke’s latest experiment in time?

Adult Movie: Les Lusterables

Hardcore NC-17 rated French-language fanfic, printed on the screen at 5 words/second. Soundtrack provided by the Cryptomusic Archives.


Jay and Acacia’s Happy Funtime Hour

The famous assassins try to stop the Sues from breaking into Rivendell - but can they solve the Riddles of Suedom before the Sues assemble the key? Featuring Boromir and Elrond’s acclaimed Lust Object Waltz, and an always-welcome appearance from Agent Dafydd, this animated show is sure to enthrall children everywhere. Though if you have children in your RC, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Name That Trope!

Kids’ gameshow. Whichever team names the trope being hideously abused in a badfic excerpt gets to stop watching the clip; the other teams have to suffer to the end. Featuring the return of last season’s runners-up, Team Gang Club.


Wobbles the Clown presents her entertaining show for nursery-age children. Since she refuses to let us read the script in advance, that’s about all we can tell you.

RC #747

The hilarious mishaps and wacky hijinks of Agents Parke and Thorpe continue. Thorpe’s new girlfriend is paying the ladies an unexpected visit - can they clean up the wreckage of Parke’s latest experiment in time? (Uncut edition)

Canon Primer

A summary of the first three Redwall books, with excerpts read by Agent Kestrel, and footage of important events taken on location in relatively canon-friendly badfics. ‘Relatively’ being the operative term.


The colourful inhabitants of their letter-powered land have a race - but will Tinco or Ampa take the prize? Meanwhile, Anar’s hurt feelings may put a stop to the whole event - can Umbar and Malta save the day?


The thrilling children’s series. Agents Moira and Market remain stranded in Tokyo, and time is running out before Godzilla attacks! Can Technician Sylvester repair their portal generator in time?

Sensory Deprivation Hour

Static. Ongoing research by the DMSE&R-Medical joint research team suggests that an hour of complete sensory deprivation helps children develop into well-rounded agents.