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John Barr Scotch Whiskey Tasting Notes
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PRODUCT INFO: John Bar Scotch Whiskey - There are 3 labels (described

About John Barr Scotch

In 1977 Johnny Walker Red Label was withdrawn from sale in the U.K.
domestic market due to E.E.C. competition rules.

John Barr Gold was introduced by Distillers Company Limited to fill the
gap, using the same devotion to quality and craftsmanship.

After 1986, and under the ownership of Whyte & Mackay, the John Barr
brand began its worldwide expansion.

John Barr whiskies are are quality blends of Scotch, comparable in
taste and craftsmanship to the leading prestige brands, but at prices
well below the leading brands bottled in Scotland.


COLOUR: Clear golden honey with shimmering highlights.

NOSE: Warm and rich yet full and intense as both the Highland and
Speyside Malts slowly emerge in complete harmony. The firm backbone
reveals not just one single aged Malt or Grain but a combination of

TASTE: Classic - all these exciting flavours are artistically reflected
on the palate. However the backbone, particularly emanating from the
Highland Single Malt whiskies, have played a major part in forging this
outstanding blend. Thanks to the long marrying period, soft luscious
flavours are immediately apparent on the aftertaste, leaving the palate
warm and fully rewarded. A noble blend of rare distinction.


COLOUR: Golden sandy highlights. Clear and bright.

NOSE: Firm and rich luscious creamy, round tones. The long marrying
period has brought these individual characters into one lasting union.
Great harmony - soft and full with no ragged edges, smooth and mellow.
Plenty of finesse and breeding.

TASTE: A positive grip, almost a spicy richness as these great flavors
attack the palate - leaving it beatifully rewarded as they drift over.
Elegant and distinquished. The Speyside Malts - the heart of the blend
- have played a major part in bringing this quality blend together.


COLOUR        : Golden rich with shimmering, glassy highlights.

NOSE: Lingering, soft, malty, matured tones exert themselves
immediately. Seductive and inviting with its splendid array of complex
nuances - smooth and mellow, an impeccable balance prevails.

TASTE: Long and continuously unfolding on the palate. Great harmony and
breeding is reflected with soft, balanced flavours showing intensity
and persistence. Once again the balance of the Grain and Malt whiskies
is in strong evidence - an unobtrusive structure of sweet flavours
encapsulates the palate. A velvety, easy finish completes this
outstanding blend.