Middletown Springs Public Library

Regular Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

7 pm  at the Library



1.     Call to Order at 7:11 Present – Kristal Hier, Patty McWilliams, Beth Miller, Diane Rosenmiller, Alida Tarbell and Kimberly Bushnell


2.     Changes, Additions, Approval of Agenda


3.     Approval of Minutes - Beth motioned to approved; Diane seconded; motion carried


4.     Policy Review & Discussion

·           Reviewed Open Hours Policy, Out of town borrowers’ Policy, Policy on Policies and Visual Material Circulation Policy

·           To review next next meeting Volunteers Policy and Meeting Room Policy as well as Donations, Homebound Service and Inter Library Loan


5. Treasurer’s Report - Kristal motioned to approve Treasurer’s Report; Alida seconded; motion carried


6.     Librarian’s Report


7.     Friends Update

·      Will be sending a letter at National Friends Day for more members

·      Will look to have a joint dinner with Friends – this year held by Trustees

·      Next meeting October 10


8.     Building Committee Update

·      No update


9. Old Business

·           Calendar – in process; moving smoothly and working towards having all information by mid-October

·           Rug – will get some estimates for different types of flooring – Beth to go to Carpet Warehouse, Kristal will contact Carpet King

·           Patty to contact furnace man

·           Vermont Reads – happening and will be great – Oct 17th and 29th – Alida to organize refreshments


10.     New Business

·           Friends dinner – Tuesday, October 24, 6pm at Kimberly’s

·           Volunteer dinner – November 19th 5pm at Kimberly’s

·           Halloween rest stop – need more 0-5 picture books

·           Annual Appeal – want letter to reach people after Thanksgiving. Need to send on 27th, therefore need draft of letter for October Trustees meeting. Move November Trustees meeting to November 15 as a workparty. Beth to rewarn meeting. Kimberly and Kristal to work on draft.


10. Other Lawful Business - none


11. Next Meeting Date - October 18, 2017 at 7pm.


12. Adjourn 8:58 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Beth Miller



Middletown Springs Public Library

Regular Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

7 pm at the Library

Approved Minutes



Present: Kristal Hier, Diane Rosenmiller, Kimberly Matthewson, Alida Tarbell, Patty McWilliams, Beth Miller


1.     Call to Order at 7:10

2.     Changes, Additions, Approval of Agenda

3.     Approval of Minutes

·      Alida motioned to approve; Kristal seconded; motion carried

4.     Treasurer’s Report

·      Diane motioned to approve; Beth seconded; motion carried

5.     Librarian’s Report

·      Thank you, Kimberly and Melissa for your ongoing amazing work

6.     Friends Update

·      Will help with kitchen

·      Talked over the possibility of better casters and smaller bookcases

·      Working on lawn and bake sale

§  Friday set up and drop off

§  Saturday sale

§  Sunday clearance and clean up

·      Next meeting Tuesday, Sept. 19th; 7pm – Alida and Kimberly to attend

7.     Building Committee meeting

·      Still getting estimates, new water tests, updates

8.         Old Business

·      No old business

9.     New Business

·      Calendar – all work due by next meeting (Sept. 27)

·      Next month review policies

10. Other Lawful Business

·      None

11. Next Meeting Date – September 27, 2017 at 7pm.

12. Adjourn at 8:38


Respectfully submitted,

Beth Miller