Middletown Springs Public Library

Regular Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Approved Minutes


Present: Diane Rosenmilller, Kimberly Bushnell, Kristal Hier, Patty McWilliams, Beth Miller

1.     Call to Order 7:10

2.     Changes, Additions, Approval of Agenda

·     none

3.     Approval of Minutes

·     Patty moved to approved; Kristal seconded; motion carried

4.     Policy Review & Discussion

·     Tabled until September

5.     Treasurer’s Report

·     Beth moved to approve Treasurer’s Report; Diane seconded; motion carried

6.     Librarian’s Report

7.     Friends Update

·     Will not be doing a yard sale this next year

·     Will be doing a collaborative event with Historical Society in October

·     Currently working on Taste of Middletown event with live auction

·     Plant talks have been very successful; beekeeping talk in September

·     Next meeting September 18; Kristal and Kimberly to attend

8.     Old Business

·     Community Calendar – all materials back to Kimberly by September 24.

·     Building Committee – moving along well

·     Building upgrades – will being painting shelves in the evenings; could use new blinds; painting tabled until winter.

9.     New Business

·     Meeting Room Policy Language – will address in policy discussions in September

·     Strategic Planning – Beth to contact Kathy Letendre to see availability and cost. Possibly to begin October/November.

·     Maple tree replacement discussed; will continue to consider how to move forward with this.

·     Stairs to the children’s area will benefit by having a small handrail. – Kimberly to ask Andy.

10. Other Lawful Business

·     none

11. Next Meeting Date – September 26 at 7pm.

12. Adjourn

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Miller