Middletown Springs Public Library

Regular Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, January 10 2018

7 p.m.  at the Library


1) Call to Order 7:07

·      Present:  Kimberly Bushnell, Patty McWilliams, Kristal Hier, Alida Tarbell, Beth Miller

2) Changes, Additions, Approval of Agenda

3) Approval of Minutes

·      Patty moved to approve; Alida seconded; motion carried

4) Policy Review & Discussion  

·      No policies to be reviewed at this time

5) Treasurer’s Report

·      Kristal moved to approve; Beth seconded; motion carried

6) Librarian’s Report

7) Friends Update-next meeting March 20

8) Building Committee Update-no update with exception of Patty’s resigniation

9) Old Business

·      Carpet – discussed new carpet plan and fundraising. Very grateful to Friends for helping with this project. Decided on deep blue carpet; Beth to follow up on details with Carpet Warehouse.

·      Calendar – distributed remaining calendars to trustees for payment/delivery

·      Letter update – will move letter to April

·      Shoveling – will pay Rodney to take care of this when he plows; Library will get a new shovel as well.

·      Pie for Breakfast – Kimberly to do promotion; Kristal to reserve school; Kimberly to work with Friends on raffle

10) New Business

·      Budget for Town Report; Kristal moved to accept; Beth seconded; motion carried

·      Blind Date with a Book – Kimberly and Alida on this

·      Candidate Night – Sunday afternoon February 25 at (3pm?)

11) Other Lawful Business - none

12) Set Next Meeting Date

·      Next Regular Meeting Feb 28 7pm

13)     Adjourn



Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Miller