Knepper Family

1764 - 1852

Knepper is German from the names Knapp or Knopf, both of which have various possible meanings of their own. Both could be either German or English for someone who lived by a rounded hillock. Knapp may also refer to a skillful person or a “young unmarried man” in German. Knopf can also be an occupational name for a maker of buttons or other round things.

William Knepper married Betsy Lindesmith sometime before 1793 when their first child was born, which would have made Betsy about 18 years old. William was born in 1764, making him 11 years older than his wife. They had eleven children in total, though some of their birth dates are unknown:

  1. John (b. 1793)
  2. Daniel (b. 1797)
  3. Jacob (b. 1802)
  4. Anna “Nancy” (b. March 7, 1812)
  5. Peter (b. 1814)
  6. Amos
  7. Godfrey
  8. Catherine
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Joseph
  11. William

Probably, some of the undated children were born during the large ten year gap between Jacob and Anna, who was better known as Nancy, probably after her grandmother.

In 1810, the Kneppers followed Betsy’s father to Ohio and settled in Franklin Township. William became a school teacher in nearby Hanover Township.

Betsy died on June 4, 1844 when she was about 69 or 70 years old and is buried in Trinity Reformed Church Cemetery. William survived her for 8 years before he died at the age of 88 in 1852. He is also buried in Trinity Reformed Church Cemetery.

Nancy married James Frantz who was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on October 11, 1816, making him 4 years younger than his wife. To read more about their life together after marriage, see the Frantz Family Chapter.

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