Graduate Student of the Month

Daniel Meyerend, MA program

Danny Meyerend is a second year student in the English M.A. program at Idaho State University. He graduated in 2014 from Multnomah University in Portland, OR with a double major in English and Biblical Theology. His current research focuses on Critical Mixed Race Studies, humor, popular culture, masculinity, and visual culture, and he has focused his attention on The Key and Peele Show and the way these two comedians construct a mixed race identity in their stand-up and short video sketches. He is currently planning to do his M.A. thesis on this subject area and continue this research further in a Ph.D.

Due to his work on comedy, he is constantly watching and looking for new comedians, and in another life, wishes that he could be one. Since he does not exist in that alternate universe, he teaches composition at ISU, a venue in which students get to hear him out for 50 minutes at a time. In addition to his research and teaching, he is a recent convert to the world of podcasts and listens to at least one a day. Some of his favorites include: Another Round, The Read, About Race, You Made it Weird, and This American Life. Danny is also a big fan of sports, particularly basketball, football, and baseball. He enjoys staying active by playing basketball at least once a week. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he has an undying allegiance to the Brooklyn Nets and New York Yankees; consequently, he is forced to hate all sports teams from the Boston area.