Graduate Student of the Month

Samuel Head (MA program)


Samuel Head's educational background is as patch-worked as you might find it. Childhood comprised of being homeschooled in Rexburg, ID and occasionally attending school in Spanish at a Catholic private school while living in Ecuador (his father ran a humanitarian project in the orphanages there). After attending his junior year of public school, Samuel skipped to start college at BYU-Idaho, while still performing in plays back at his high school (which was a good thing because he fell in love with his future wife while they both were performing in Dracula; Dr. Seward and Lucy if you were wondering).


Samuel got his B.S. in Theatre and Speech Education with minors in English Ed. and Biology Ed. The widespread nature of the degree was a result of thinking he was going to become a medical doctor. He later, while serving as an LDS missionary in Brazil, decided to change to education upon realizing teaching was his calling. It is a perk that getting his Ph.D. in the field will mean that he will still get to be Doctor Head.


English is one of Samuel's great loves. He grew up being read to by his parents (from The Hobbit to Tale of Two Cities to Harry Potter), and devouring any book he came across. Drama only enhanced that love of literature. While in college, Samuel got interested in Rhetoric and how pervasive the field is. He currently is in the first year of his M.A. in English here at ISU, focusing on Rhetoric and how technology can be used in teaching Composition. He plans on pursuing a Ph.D. focusing on Rhetoric and Composition and teaching freshmen students the wonderful theories of Kenneth Burke.


That girl from Dracula ended up waiting for Sam while he was on his mission and they got married the year after he returned. They now have a beautiful 10-month old daughter named Charlotte, a retriever named Bronte, and a frog named Godot. Samuel and his wife Jesse enjoy reading young adult novels to each other (go Hunger Games!) and playing on the guitar and piano while Charlotte sings in gibberish.