#147 - Into the Nexus: “Heroic Balance”

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Friday’s Balance Update


Q damage reduction and sizeable Health and Damage bonus reduction on Lv. 20’s Heroic Difficulty talent.



Level 20


Earthquake is really popular yo.



DC: We were testing Taz’dingo internally at 60 seconds but had planned on shipping it at 90. This change didn’t make it into the release for Zul’jin but we wanted to get it in place as quickly as possible.



Baseline Charge buff as well as L4’s Warbringer talent.



Level 4

Lt. Morales

With the newly implemented Armor system, Inoculation (Increases Safeguard's initial damage reduction to 50% for the first 1.5 seconds) and Shield Sequencer (After casting Safeguard, you can cast it a second time within 3 seconds at no cost) were both doing very similar things for Morales. We like the interaction and decision making that Shield Sequencer grants, so we have decided to keep it and remove Inoculation for now.

Lv 16


Bloodlust is really popular yo.



Talent nerfs.

Level 1

Level 7

​​Level 13


Fire Stomp nerf. Baseline and L13 Fire Devil. Fairly innocuous.



Level 13

Today’s Bug Fix


HGC Plans Announced




Mid-Season Brawl

The Battleground Pool

Until the Mid-Season Brawl

One team will be elected ahead of time to go first in the banning process. This team will strike one Battleground from the pool, then the opposing team will strike one. The team that banned first will then get to select which Battleground of the remaining seven they would like to play, with other team getting the first pick in the draft. The loser of each game in a series will have the option between first pick in the draft, or the selection of the next Battleground.


Are we in a R meta?

Via Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio on GosuGamers.net

Go check out Dorazion’s article “The "R" meta reveals potential problem with Heroes game balance”. In short it calls out Bloodlust and Earthquake as they are too powerful for how easy they are to use.


Minor News

Valeera leaked?

All characters free this weekend: 13th - 16th

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Very difficult to discuss as we are not only talking about league mechanics, what a play is able to pull off, but also 12 different maps.

HL Top bans - If you’re ever confused, just ban these guys:

Team League Bans

Middle bans will always be situational

League Bans

Sylvanas Maps - 70% winrate but quickly drops off with game time.

Example map bans based off last week’s map strategies.

Soak it out, join later globals - Brightwing, Dehaka, Lost Vikings

Hold the Point - Muradin, Zarya

Kill the Thing - Samuro, Valla



Hey ITN Guys,

Any suggestions on improving shot calling during a HL match. I am not a fast typer and there are times when I am in a HL match that I feel someone needs to take the lead, but I find it hard to coordinate and convey ideas in a timely and effective manner during a game. Thanks for all the great work,



Patron KRAY-dough

Hello ITN cast and crew!

Whenever I hear discussion about Arthas's kit, there is often a tag added "I just don't feel like the lich king". When talking about overwatch heroes, the widowmaker skin (and then the D2 amazon) on nova comes up with not a small amount of bitterness.

I mained a death knight in my WoW days, and arthas feels like one of them to me. Could blizzard 'release' a death knight hero with arthas's kit, and then remake the lich king entirely with modern design philosophy? Players who already had him and skins for him would carry over for free to the new hero? Or release widowmaker, but if you already had the nova skin (which then becomes unavailable or legacy? idk) you then get Widowmaker proper for free?

Do you ever see blizzard doing something along the lines of 'rereleasing' lore characters that are already in the game?

Love to hear your thoughts, and thank you for awesome content every single week!

Credeaux [KRAY-dough]


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