CallbackWomen's guide to where programming conferences can reach out to, for finding code women who are speakers

This list originally created 2013-01-20 by Carina C. Zona.

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Code women who are tech speakers. “Programming conferences, shout out with Call for Proposals when you're looking for code women to callback to it.” Promotes CFPs of more than 1,000+ conferences for professional programmers. Advocates for conference organizing strategies that successfully make it more viable & appealing for women to propose speaking at their conference. Educates about needs. Raises visibility of individual tech women's talks and conference audiences' responses to them. 



1,200+ members. Posts CFPs, outreach messages from conference organizers. Provides ongoing speaker mentorship, abstract writing assistance, and other resources.

@devchix (retweets CFPs/conf info tweeted to @devchix)  (submit CFPs etc w/request that it be shared to the mailing list)

Technically Speaking

Newsletter by Chiu-Ki Chan & Cate Huston. Highlights a few open CFPs each week, with emphasis on ones that cover cost of travel. Resources for improving public speaking. Monthly hangouts with experts. 



Provides ongoing training, mentorships, practice sessions, and workshops on abstract writing



Inclusive network. Promotes PHP conferences. Offer travel scholarships, CFP assistance, and mentoring for women. 


#phpwomen on Freenode IRC

Chix Who Speak

Women in IT - Speakers and Conference Presenters

100+ speakers & conference presenters. Many from Europe. Twitter hashtag #ITWomen

Technical Women Speak Too


List of Women Who Have Been Tech Conference Keynote Speakers


Increasing the visibility and leadership of women coders by teaching the skills to become thought leaders, conference speakers, & open source contributors.  We run conferences and events and have chapters across the US.  Chapters send out monthly newsletters including CFP listings nearby and across the world.




Women Who Code

Network of 25,000+ members in cities throughout the world. Newsletter publishes a few open CFPs each week. 



Online mailing list of 3000+ members.


Twitter Lists