General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. NSO
  1. Annual Report
  2. Thank You
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past University Council
  2. Next UA Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. UA Retirements
  2. Speaker’s Guide
  3. End of Year
  4. External Seats
  5. Member of the Week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Absence Exemption
  1. Executive
  1. UA-NEC UC Flex Seat Amendment
  2. GBM Structure Discussion Paper  
  1. Budget
  1. KASCON28  Emergency Contingency Request
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. Social Justice
  3. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. UA Return Airport Shuttle Survey
  1. New Business
  1. Campus Resources on Syllabi Resolution
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. New Business
  1. Pass/Fail Resolution
  2. Makeup Midterm Flexibility Resolution
  1. External Seats
  2. Communications

Executive Reports

President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. New Student Orientation
  1. Cabinet met with administrators from NSO last week. We gave them feedback about the NSO app, the PennTracks program, and NSO programming in general. We also discussed ways to integrate CAPS programming into NSO weekend and using NSO events to raise student awareness about the PennTransit buses to Center City.
  1. Annual Report
  1. The annual report is finished and will be sent out to the student body this week. Physical copies will be delivered to the administrators we work with to keep in their offices. Special thank you to Jay and Sam S for their hard work helping put everything together.
  1. Thank You
  1. Being President of the UA has been one of the great privileges of my life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you all to make Penn a better place on behalf of our community. I have found my four years on the UA to be the most rewarding part of my time at Penn. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it, and good luck to the next UA and UA President.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Past University Council
  1. Last Wednesday, University Council met for our monthly meeting. There were three important matters we discussed. First, the Budget Office presented on the budget and plans for the next academic year. Many undergraduate delegates made comments about international student aid and tuition affordability and accessibility during this section regarding how the budget will affect undergraduate students. Next, the Chair for the Provost’s Art Advisory Council presented on the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation and undergraduates and the council had a discussion on how the arts can shape and further the Penn education. Finally, Anita Allen, Vice Provost for Faculty, presented a progress report on the advancing faculty diversity and inclusion at Penn. The undergraduate delegation posed insightful questions and comments on the report and emphasized the importance of faculty diversity in the undergraduate experience.
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. In lieu of Steering this coming Tuesday, we will be watching to UA Presidential and Vice Presidential debate in Huntsman Hall room F55 from 7-9pm. Steering members are required to be at the debate during the regular meeting time (7:30-8:30pm) and encouraged to stay for the entire time.

UA Report

  1. UA Retirement: I would like to thank everyone for the very hard work and the exceptional contributions that they made this year on the body. This is the last Assembly meeting for this session, and for some of us, it’s the very last one ever. I would like to recognize three members who have served all 4 years of their undergraduate time at Penn.
  1. First, Eric, the UA grandfather. Eric joined the UA as an Associate Member as a Freshmen. I met Eric during PENNacle, right before NSO, and I’ve always looked up to him since then. Eric served as Academic Affairs Committee Director, and then as an Executive Board member by being Secretary. He was then appointed twice to serve as Speaker Pro Tempore under Travis’s speakership and mine. Tepper worked on many projects such as the Full Faith in Credit Resolution, ROTC Minor, CAPS Liaisons,  Student Event Space West of 38th Street, Alcohol Symposium, Advocating for Smaller Annual Tuition Increases, Add/Drop Period Adjustment, Exams and Holidays, Increased Religious Funding, Penn Mobile, and others. Eric was also a great mentor for me as Speaker, especially during sensitive times. Thank you Eric for the love you brought to this body, and I wish you the best in your future.
  2. Second, Tunmise. Tunmise joined the UA as an Associate Member as a Freshmen. I met her when she was getting signatures for the third time she ran. On the UA, Tunmise served as Social Justice Committee Director her Junior year. Some of the projects she worked on include College Day, the Cultural Diversity in the US Requirement, Uncoordinated Dual Degrees, and many others. She also served as a mentor and an advisor to many of us in both UA and non-UA matters. Thank you Tunmise for the energy you brought to this body, and I wish you the best in your future.
  3. Third, Kat. Third, Kat. Kat joined the UA as College Rep as a Freshmen, which makes her the only current UA member who served as an elected member for 4 years. She served as Dining, Sustainability and Facilities Director, UA Treasurer and UA President. Some projects that Kat worked on include Penn Transit Reroute Project, Nutrition Facts in Dining Halls, Advocating for Smaller Annual Tuition Increases, Off-Campus Recycling Guide, Updating Alternative Funding Guide, and others. As President, Kat worked on some of the most important issues facing our campus - high costs of attendance and participation in student life, improving the campus climate surrounding mental health, improving the club recruiting process, and making sure every student has access to the resources she or he needs to thrive at Penn. Kat worked with SCUE on lowering course costs, a more flexible pass-fail policy, and more half-credit courses. She worked with Class Boards on bringing people together by taking the lead on the Penn Community Night. Under her leadership, the UA developed a TA guide to undergraduate student life, a free professional headshot program for all students, a peer community Wellness Guide with SHS, Penn Wellness and PUHC. Kat was a great mentor for many of us, and has worked hard to ensure that her institutional knowledge is transferred to the younger generations, that the UA work quality is optimized and that we are all strong members of Penn Student Government. Kat, thanks for being a great friend and a great mentor for me. I wish you the best in your post-UA life because you truly deserve it.
  1. Speaker’s Guide: This was the first year that a new representative was elected Speaker on the UA. Often I struggled in making decisions and understanding certain processes that are not written, but rather passed down by tradition. In an effort to create a stronger Speakership, and a more effective body, I am writing a 21-chapter Speaker guide that will be handed over to the next Speaker.  
  2. End of Year: Next Sunday, we have an entire meeting dedicated to Communications. Please be here at 9pm on Sunday. As per Article V of the UA Constitution, you will remain in office until the next Transition Meeting. The Transition Meeting was scheduled for Sunday, April 9th at 1:30pm in JMHH 255. Please inform the President-Elect if you cannot make it.
  3. External Seats: You are responsible to attend any meetings related to your external seats until the end of this semester, unless otherwise noted by the next Speaker. I will be giving the next Speaker the list of committees with the seat holder’s contact information to ensure transition. If you wish to stay on a committee you are on, please inform my successor.
  4. Member of the Week. This week’s member of the week is...

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report

  1. Absence Exemption
  1. After missing last week’s GBM, Hong went over the limit of 4.2 GBM absences. Due to medical reasons, we have decided to grant her a medical excuse and thus she will not be removed from the body.


NEC/UA Joint Bylaw Amendment: University Council Flex Seats

Authored by Sola Park, with input from Sam Rahmin (NEC), Caleb Carter (NEC), Michael Krone & Eric Tepper



Last week, the UA passed the “UA Bylaw Amendment: University Council Flex Seats.” Since this bylaw amendment affects the “joint regulation” that the UA has with the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC), their consent was required. This past Monday, the NEC considered the same document and approved it with amendments, which require UA consent.


The NEC has tweaked portions of the language of the amendment, none of which changes the fundamental meaning of the amendment. The NEC edited the language in 56C because the NEC does not want to feel compelled to choose representatives from all four schools, even if they have the opportunity to do so. The NEC needs to be able to deliberate according to its criteria and consider school under criterion J (overall slate) with the understanding that if all four schools are not represented, they will cede seats to elected UA member(s) from the missing school(s) as selected by the UA Executive Board.


The NEC added the words “but not the obligation” in 56F because the NEC does not want the UA to feel obligated to put forward a representative in the event that the NEC slates a representative of a constituency consisting solely of all the undergraduates in one of the four undergraduate schools. The UA still has the right to put forth an elected UA member to represent this constituency instead if UA Exec so chooses.


Enactment (all changes in bold):

55. Student representatives on University committees shall be appointed by the following authorities, or vested in certain officers ex officio, in the following cases:


Appointed By

OSL OSA Student Awards Committee (2 seats)

(1) NEC, (1) UA


56. There are 16 undergraduate representatives on the University Council: the President, the Vice President, the United Minorities Council representative and 13 additional undergraduate representatives. The UA’s seats will be allocated in the following manner:

a)         The UA Speaker holds one UC seat.

b)        The NEC will be granted 12 of the UA’s University Council seats, which they will assign to representatives of mis- or under-represented constituencies.

c)         The NEC is responsible for ensuring considering that all four undergraduate schools are represented in their appointments final determination of the slate. It is the responsibility of the UA Observer on the NEC to ensure that all four schools are represented in the NEC’s seat allocation process. The UA Observer will confirm this consideration, and the UA observer’s duties are outlined in the NEC’s Procedure for the Allocation of University Council seats.

d)        If the NEC fails to represent the four undergraduate schools in their appointments, they will request the UA to appoint UA representatives to fill the necessary number of seats to ensure that all four undergraduate schools are represented in UC.

e)         All seats allocated to the UA by the NEC to ensure four-schools-representation shall be filled by elected UA members selected by the Executive Board by the first or second meeting after the transition meeting.

f)         If the NEC is considering a candidate for a UC seat who would represent a constituency consisting solely of all undergraduates in one of the four undergraduate schools and the NEC determines through its process that this student deserves a seat on the UC to represent their constituency, the UA shall have the right, but not the obligation, to put forth an elected UA member to represent this constituency instead.

GBM Structure Discussion Paper

Authored by Kat McKay


Over the past few weeks the UA has tried out different GBM structures: organizing the meeting by document type, by committee with no director overviews, or by committee with director overviews. At least since the 2013-2014 academic year the UA has organized the GBM the same way that we do now: roll call, open forum, executive reports, and then member documents categorized by committee. This year we added the external seats category. There is no doubt that UA GBMs could be shorter (or longer). How can we modify the way GBMs are structured so that meetings are engaging and substantive? Since this year is almost over I will pass along your input to the next UA President so she or he can take it into account when creating agendas.

Discussion Questions



KASCON 28 Presents Justin Park and KRNFX Emergency Contingency Request

Request Amount Requested: $875.00

Budget committee recommendation: $875.00

Exec vote: 5-0-0


The Korean Students Association requests $875 to help cover the remainder of Justin Park and Terry Im’s (KRNFX) joint honorarium of $2500. Justin Park and Terry Im, two artists based in Los Angeles, will be at the closing finale of the 28th Korean American Students Conference (KASCON 28) to share their stories of overcoming low media representation and opportunity as minorities, and to treat students to performances of their talent.  The event will be open to all. The theme of KASCON 28 is “Individual Stories, One Narrative” as a push to bridge together all students. The costs associated for the event are outlined below:




Amount Funded

Funding Source

Artist/Speaker Honorarium








SPEC Fully Planned





Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Social Justice

Student Life

Project Updates

UA Return Airport Shuttle Survey

Authored by Maria Curry

This UA Airport Shuttles cycle, we asked UA representatives to survey passengers with two questions regarding the possibility of future return shuttles from the airport after calendar breaks. The two questions were:

From the total of 463 passengers on this Spring's UA Airport Shuttles, we received survey responses from 265 and 240 students for each question respectively. Ninety-one point seven percent (91.7%) of students responded that they would be interested in such a shuttle system after break, and (90.4%)responded that they would be willing to wait for a shuttle that runs on the half hour. Further results are displayed below.



















In the future, I am looking forward to sharing these results with the Penn Transit Administration and pursuing the feasibility of such a system for the next academic year.


Campus Resources on Syllabi Resolution

Authored by Jason Kim, Simon Miller, and Samantha Shea


After seeing that students did not know where to obtain information about some of the most important mental health resources on campus, we consulted with Penn Bens, a mental wellness student group, and Ben Bolnick from the office of VPUL. At the end of our discussions and our research, we decided the best way to get some of this important information to students is to recommend to faculty to put it on their syllabi. Kat is going to meet with the tri-chairs of the Faculty Senate to discuss this proposal if it passes.


The Undergraduate Assembly resolves to:

  1. Highly encourage faculty to add a mental health notice to their syllabi that contains campus resources Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Students with Disabilities and Learning Differences, and Sexual Harassment and Related Policies.

Academic Initiatives

Old Business

Pass/Fail Resolution

Authored by Kevin Myers, College Representative and Shawn Srolovitz, SCUE Chair

A resolution to affirm student support for increasing academic exploration by extending the pass/fail declaration deadline.


The pass/fail system is underutilized at Penn. While this system allows students to explore different disciplines and harder courses with less pressure, students frequently do not take advantage of designating courses as pass/fail. With the current deadline for declaring a course as pass/fail at the fifth week of class, many courses do not have a major assessment to allow students to gauge their position in the class before the end of the five-week period. Furthermore, the pass/fail system does not incentivize students to engage in classes taken on a pass/fail basis. Since all passing grades currently receive the same recognition of P on the transcript, there is little extrinsic motivation for students to invest time in a pass/fail class. This inhibits students from learning the class material and can frustrate teachers if students fail to fully engage in class. Finally, many students are unaware of the policies and purpose of the pass/fail system.

At Princeton, students do not declare a course as pass/fail until between week seven and nine of the semester. That is, until this point, all students are in classes for a letter grade. The default of every class will be for a letter grade, thus increasing baseline performance. Later in the semester, students will have the opportunity to decide whether to make a class pass/fail. This would be beneficial in allowing students more time to determine their status in the course to decide whether they want to continue to take the course for a letter grade or as pass/fail.

While we do not intend to endorse this specific policy, the intention of Princeton’s policies matches the needs of Penn students. We support shifting the deadline to any week between week 7 and week 11, depending on the recommendations given by staff, faculty, and administrators. With this change, students would both experience increased incentive to continue to make efforts in classes until the later pass/fail deadline and be able to make more informed academic decisions given the increased time to weigh options.


The Undergraduate Assembly resolves to:

1.     Request that the Undergraduate Schools amend their pass/fail policies to delay the date by which one is required to declare a class pass fail from the middle of week 5 until at least week 7.

Makeup Midterm Flexibility Resolution

Authored by William Kwok

A resolution encouraging university departments to consider adding and/or including alternative time slots for midterms in order to minimize the amount of students having to take three or more midterms in a day.


According to a poll of 600+ students carried out by The Daily Pennsylvanian in February this year, over 49% of undergraduates reported that they have been in a situation where they took three or more midterm exams within a calendar day. The Academic Initiatives Committee believes that the most common cause of these situations is the low availability of makeup midterms offered by several departments on campus. That is to say, because of the rigidness of some departments’ makeup midterm policies, students have to take three or more exams on the same day simply because they do not have the option to take any midterms at a different time.

To solve this problem, if only one out of the three midterms that a student has on a calendar day has an alternative time slot, the student will be much better off. This is a critical issue to many students due to the impact it has on student wellbeing. Unfortunately, having so many midterms in close proximity almost always leads to extraordinary stresses on students who have to juggle multiple responsibilities including but not limited to involvement in campus organizations, Penn athletics, external commitments, OCR – giving rise to problems with mental health and even physical health. In general, these situations generate unproductive learning environments hinged upon cramming and stress. Most importantly, these negative effects on student wellbeing are generally unnecessary given the low cost of including or adding one makeup exam time slot to midterms.

Therefore, the Academic Initiatives Committee puts forward a plea for departments on campus – especially those that traditionally offer no makeup exams – to reconsider the flexibility of their exam policies. Conscious of the difficulty of coordinating exam times, this resolution’s scope is limited to large classes i.e. those with over 50~60 people (an estimate) because large classes would impact more students and would be better equipped to offer makeup exams. This resolution is also primarily aimed towards classes that have two or less midterms in a semester.


The Undergraduate Assembly resolves to:

1. Call for departments with traditionally strict midterm policies to consider including a makeup exam (if the class does not have any makeup exams) or adding one more timeslot (if the class only has one makeup exam).

2. Instruct members of the next UA session to develop a list of large classes with strict midterm policies that should be highly prioritized in this project

3. Invite further discussion on this topic with the faculty and administration

External Seats


  1. Roll Call
  1. Ben- I just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you did. I think that you all did a great job this year. I just came to say hi!
  1. I am also here to help on the campus solution resolution
  1. Reema- I am a student from Usciences and just last year we just passed a resolution like the the this one
  2. Gabbi- Penn Benjamins- we met with members of the UA last week to see how we can pass this         
  3. NEC- Sam, Jack, Caleb,
  4. SCUE- Shawn
  1. Open Forum
  1. RSAB- Shoutout to Gabbi!
  2. Max- Housing Guide
  1. Shoutout to Gabbi!
  1. David-
  1. Just wanted to thank you on behalf of the NEC and all the seniors. Specifically thank you for your thoughtfulness in working with the NEC. In particularly, I want to thank Riad and Kat for working closely with us. Kat and I have lasted through 4 years and I just wanted to say you are very fortunate to have Kat as a president. She has done a great job this year. I think this year the relationship was better than last and we hope to continue this relationship. Disagreement is caring loudly. THanks Kat Thanks Riad!
  1. Krone- Shoutout to Gabbi and Aimee. Eric and Ben also ran the half marathon. Gabbi is incredible UA person and has done an amazing job.
  2. Elena- Last week we had the RSAB meeting, the administrations is working on consolidating the mail system. All the amil will go to 1920 and also to Sampson. This is how you will pick up packages and mails. One way of notifying people that the mail has arrived is sending a picture of mail. They also want to be more transparent as to what the sticker price includes.
  1. Eric- I heard about the mail idea earlier and I encourage them not to do it. I think students should be asked before this is implemented.
  1. Elena- They are going to send out a survey
  1. Maria- I did not like the idea either. I think students would have to go out of their way.
  2. Max- WHen is the meeting?
  1. Elena- They are monthly and I will let you know
  1. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. NSO
  1. Sam and Sola let a meeting with freshman to discuss freshman experience. NSO programming- we want to incorporate CAPS programming into NSO. I can yeild to Kevin if you want more detail. Penn Transit are more likely to use the shuttles if students are exposed to it. We want to use the busses to go to Gala to museum.
  1. Annual Report
  1. This is the first year the UA did the annual report in the calendar year. I don’t think anyone is going to read the whole thing. I think it's good to see what the UA has done. And it will inspire them.
  1. Thank You
  1. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I have learned a lot and I have grew a lot as a person so thank you everyone for putting effort into this. I just hope that you all find something that you care about like I cared about UA.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past University Council
  1. We met last week and discussed 3 things. Budget plans for next year was discussed. Chair for provost presented on the Sach’s arts grant. Anita Allen presented a report on pushing forward faculty diversity. She also talked about what we are doing to retain the professors.
  2. Natasha- Was there anything about political diversity?
  1. Sola- CR asking about this and they are working towards it.
  2. Naomi- I think we worked on this. I think Cal did work on this and met with Anita Allen to discuss this.
  1. Tumise- The faculty diversity is more towards the sexual orientation, gender. But that is
  2. Calvary- It is very complicated topic
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. Last UA Steering we had been bolnick there. If you have any ideas please reach out to him. The next one will be UA presidential and VP debates.
  2. Julianne- F55 might be too small.
  1. We are talking about Stein
  2. Riad- IF someone can do something that would be great.
  3. Julianne- If you have problems you can talk to Wharton Ops.
  4. Sola- I talked to David and we talked about Huntsman but I can talk to him.
  1. UA Report
  1. UA Retirements
  1. Please see report
  1. Speaker’s Guide
  1. The fact that I was working on exec I learned a lot from others on it like Kat who had been of it before.
  1. End of Year
  1. I will bring dinner next time. You are in office until the transition meeting. The more people who comes, the shorter times it takes. So like if 21 people show up, 18 have to vote in favor and this makes it harder.
  1. External Seats
  1. You are required to attend all external seats until the end of the session.
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Cabinet
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Absence Exemption
  1. After missing last week’s GBM, Hong went over the limit of 4.2 GBM absences. Due to medical reasons, we have decided to grant her a medical excuse and thus she will not be removed from the body.

  1. Executive
  1. UA-NEC UC Flex Seat Amendment
  1. If you look at 56 c it is bold and crossed out. This change does not change the content of the bylaw. This means that they do not need to consider the school in the trade process. However, if 3 schools are represented then we would get 1 seat to represent te remaining seat. In F, the change means that if a group represents solely one group and they apply to NEC for UC seat and the NEC accepts, the UA have the right to consider the group and also the elected member on UA.
  2. Eric-
  1. Sola- If both of your exec boards can get together
  1. Riad- It means that UA has the right to appoint. But whether the UA wants to appoint is up to the exec board
  2. Eric- Does it have to be up to the highest vote getter?
  1. Riad- I think that is up to the Exec Board
  2. Kat- That person could also class during that time
  1. Eric-
  1. Riad- I think we should see it like the other appointments. I think the situation is going to be like the other situations
  2. Sola- I think this is something that the next body can discuss.
  1. GBM Structure Discussion Paper  
  1. Kat- We tried different formats and the whoever the president is has a lot of control. If anyone has comments, please let me know.
  2. Brian- I only have 2 things. I think we should do a mixture between all 3 formats. Also if we had like training or education maybe if we go over what are essential questions and what are non-essential questions.
  3. Krone- I think we made a progress in thinking about what conversations need to happen. I think the current way the agenda is structured is good because we have a lot to talk about. No matter how we do it, we just have to make sure that things that are brought to the GBM are substantive and things are prioritized.
  4. Naomi- I think Brians way is a really good way to order the material. I think resolutions are just as important as well. I think the discussion on the CIS class was great and more people would have been better. I think the next president have to decide how to keep people in the room but also have substantive material
  5. Natasha- I do think that this format is the best one. I think that project updates and completion reports can be empowering for a lot of members.
  6. Calvary- I think that we could consider time. For me I was a lot more retentive because it was during the day. During budget season, I think that switching it up would help.
  1. Kat- The reason why we have kept it in the evening is because if people go away for the weekend, they still have a chance to come back. We also thought about Huntsman, but we wanted to stay school-neutral because Houston is neutral.
  1. Jordan- I think that it would be beneficial to have a part that shows that everything that is being worked on.
  2. Elena- I wanted to add on what Cal was saying. I like this room as a central location. But the change in scenery like in Val Pelt was really good.
  1. Kat- I will pass that on.
  2. Elena- I do understand why we have the meeting in the night. I think it would be good to have a meeting in the morning.
  1. Budget
  1. KASCON28  Emergency Contingency Request
  1. It is not a contingency vote because we had a emergency vote. And Exec voted to fund it
  1. Tunmise- I was at it and it was great.
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. Social Justice
  3. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. UA Return Airport Shuttle Survey
  1. Maria- If anyone wanted the numbers, most people were in favor of it. Most people who said no were planning to come earlier in the week. I asked if money was an issue, they said it was not.
  1. New Business
  1. Campus Resources on Syllabi Resolution
  1. Jason- We reached out to Penn Bens which stresses peer to peer interactions. USCIENCES at the bottom has great links at the bottom of their syllabi.
  2. Simon- last week I had a meeting with Penn Bens and Ben Bolnick. We really talked about what we could talk about. We drafted up our own blurb. The entire point is that we want to get the administration to highly encourage professors to add the mental health resources
  3. Jason- This is a big impact- low
  1. We actually have USCIENCES one, the one that has been passed.
  1. Kanishka- On the same note, would it be standard?
  1. Yes we want the same basic information but also give professor's discretion to change it.
  1. Sam S- If we just give them the areas where we want them to hit, that would be better.
  2. Reema- One of the things to take into consideration is that when professor put personal things on it, it becomes a legal issue. One thing to consider is that putting something like this is that it had a 95% compliance rate and professors started to talk about it in class.
  3. Ben- There is ADA and Title 9 stuff that a lot of school have on their syllabus.
  4. Gabbi (penn bens) - We know the blurb and know that it will be concise. We encourage you to keep Penn Bens in that descriptions. Our website does have all that information. We want to be a little more accessible than CAPS and serve as another outlet.
  5. Kat- I will take the concept to the faculty senate. I don't want to bring a concrete proposal because I want CUD to bring up a proposal. And then the next UA can bring it back.
  6. Sam S- WOuld you consider bringing a draft there?
  1. Yes i can bring the ones that are there.
  1. PRO/CON
  1. Eric- pro- I was in a meeting with some members of faculty senate. And we can talk more about what it would look like?
  2. Tunmise- I am proud of you for working on this
  3. Krone- One of the other things that we have not been talking about is sexual assault policy.
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. New Business
  1. Pass/Fail Resolution
  1. Kevin- Penn has this pass/fail system that is meant for students to explore. We have had a joint coalition to hash out how we can work on this policy to broaden their horizons. After going to some suggestions, we can up with this. We have run this by College, Engineering, and CUD. This would mean that we would be pushing back the date to the 7th week.
  2. Shawn- we haven't specified the specific time. The resolution is phrased in this way so there is still flexibility for the timeline.
  3. Naomi- I just wanted to thank Kevin and SCUE for working on this. He has just been awesome!
  4. Brian- I really like the resolution. Do you know why it is why it's at week 5?
  1. Kevin- I am not sure but that is when the drop deadline is.
  2. Shawn- I think that is how it's been
  3. Kevin- we also have gotten inspiration from the Princeton model
  1. Kanishka- My question is what if something bad happens later in the course. Do you see the issue of not caring about the class after they take it pass/fail?
  1. Kevin- The decision to take a course pass/fail and dropping the class if very different. That is what we are trying to separate with this resolution.
  2. Shawn- I think that is a valid concern. There are checkpoints throughout the semester. Right now you can drop it or withdraw. They are not going the drop deadline. We are trying to now change the grading structure of the class to give students for flexibility
  1. Sam S- i think this is a great resolution. In Wharton, I think this will help a lot of the wharton students.
  2. Krone- i love this. What are the next steps? What do you want to see for the policy in the future?
  1. Last time we weren't able to say that this is what the students want. We can now say that the student is behind this resolution.
  1. Kat- I just want you to thank you for working on this and Shawn. I think that CUD had done a great job working with us this year. This relationship really increases and betters out relationship. Thanks Shawn for coming out!
  2. PRO/CON
  1. Kanishka- why do you think that withdrawing is the consequence for leaving a class later in the semester?
  1. Kevin- We would go to the faculty and staff and see what we can do
  2. Shawn- Even with this, you would still have to pass the class. Sometimes withdrawing might be better
  3. Kanishka- The number of students who fail a class is very low.
  4. Kevin- Sometimes students want to take a course but don’t want to take it for a grade. This is the first step that we are taking
  5. Pro- Sam- I think this is a great step
  6. Pro- Julianne- As a TA, this gives a little more leeway. This really encourages learning and not grades.
  1. Makeup Midterm Flexibility Resolution
  1. Will- I think it's fair to say that a lot of students have taken more than 3 classes a day. Students have a lot on their plate like finding a job. It is easier to encourage all major departments to review their policies. If a student has 3 midterms, and he/she can get out of one midterm their life is easier. If they already have one slot, we can encourage them to add another.
  2. Kanishka- This is a real problem. I actually had to drop a class because of a concussion
  3. Natasha- For my econ class, if you take one make-up we can't take another make up
  4. Krone
  1. Will- I think one of the biggest challenges is that how will you coordinate. I think its targeting classes like physics and chem. In term of the next session, it's a matter of coming up with classes that need to be changed.
  1. Elena- Would you be open to expanding this to finals as well? I had 3 finals but they said that I had to take the makeup in January. So some flexibility would help.
  1. Will- I am not so sure about the final policy
  2. Riad- I have been a similar situation before. The one in the middle offered to move. I think that it would be logically impossible because even if there was another slot, there might be another conflict. Maybe if we added an extra day to the final for makeups that could work but would be hard.
  3. Tumise- The way they schedule finals is to make sure that finals don’t collide. Logically that would be impossible.
  1. Riad- Even from now you can figure out what your final schedule is like.
  2. Jordan- I think you would know that you would know of a conflict in the first few weeks. Maybe there could be like a when2meet about an alternative.
  1. Q-Brian- One, would the logistics work out because there were a lot of makeups? Second, I am just questioning the effectiveness of that now.
  1. Will- I think regarding your first concern, this is geared toward classes that have harsh midterm policies. Regarding the 2nd question, that is a good point. I personally don't think this will automatically change the policies but I think it's important that we bring it up.
  2. pro-Kat- It's important to note that there isn't a weight. I would start by looking at a exam that is like 60-90 minutes
  3. Julianne- A lot of students don't know the current policies that are in place and why they are in place. We have so many situations that occur behind the scenes. Professors do care about this.
  1. Will- For this we are targeting classes that might not be as popular as yours. I think OIDD does very well with this. They give students a heads up.
  1. Q- Jason- Have you discussed with admins whether this is possible?
  1. Will- Originally rob nelson had said that this was impossible but that this was the best option we had.
  1. Elena- There is no way you can perform at the same level for 3 exams and spreading them helps. I really appreciate this.
  1. UC committee
  1. Kat- One of them in the Lindback Committee ad they choose awards for professors. In the past one seat went to the NEC and the other went to the SCUE. This would mean that we would get one more seat on this committee.
  2. Sam S- What happens if no one applies?
  1. I do know that Caleb sits on the dean's advisory board. I think they don't appoint internally because they do want to represent the student body. They could also represent the UA committee.
  1. External Seats
  2. Communications