The Foxburg Borough Council, in conjunction with Foxburg Area Water and Sewer Authority, would like to make the following announcement/reminder to users of our public water and sewer system. Per our Borough Ordinance #3-2007, certain materials ARE NOT PERMITTED to enter the drainage system, the Number One problematic offender being GREASE. At considerable expense, the FAWSA recently had to pump out an unprecedented 5,000 gallons of grease and jet out the lines to get things working properly again.

Borough Council and FAWSA are not pointing any fingers, nor do we want to take any legal action at this time. Our hope would be that all users of this important and valuable community resource take a look at current usage practices and see if there are changes that can be voluntarily made to prevent this from happening in the future. Common sense and the Borough Ordinance should tell us all that dumping grease into the sewage lines cannot continue and must be stopped, one way or another.

Ordinance #3-2007 “Sewer Use Ordinance – Maintenance & Replacement of Sanitary Sewers” is 33 pages long, and is available to anyone who would like a copy. (Request a copy by emailing KLTBEST@WINDSTREAM.NET) Councilmember Avis Ganoe has summarized some relevant sections as follows:

Very briefly:

Section 8.3, Subsections (e), (i) address materials NOT permitted to be flushed/drained. Grease is one.

Section 9.1 outlines inspection and certification rights that the Council and FAWSA may lawfully pursue due to non-compliance of customers.

Section 14 makes clear the legal steps said authorities may take to resolve an issue. It includes a fine of $1,000per violation.”

Once again, Foxburg Council and FAWSA implore you to take a look at your current practices and voluntarily make any needed changes. We can’t take this struggling community resource for granted. If there are questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Council Members, the Mayor, or the secretaries, or attend one of our monthly meetings. FAWSA meets on the first Monday of the month at 6:00 PM, Foxburg Council meetings are the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM, both at the library. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend to stay current on what is happening in our community.

Foxburg Borough Council and
Foxburg Area Water and Sewer Authority