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AH CACAO privacy policy
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Last revision: 18 October 2013.

We respect your privacy. Your personal information will be protected and will not be shared with any third parties for any purpose. We accept that you have a right to know what personal information we collect and how we may use it.

The following policy applies to information collected in the name of Ah Cacao Real Chocolate S.A. de C.V., domiciled in Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo, México, and related companies (en adelante “AH CACAO”) by any means including but not limited to printed forms, e-mail, and websites like or any other website operated by AH CACAO.

The websites linked to from AH CACAO websites, and those that you may reach through different publicity mediums, may have different policies and we suggest you read the privacy policy of each of those websites or services.

The use of the website does not require that you provide personal data however some services and activities, such as purchases or invoicing, may require you to provide personal information.

Uses of your personal data

The personal data that you give to AH CACAO will be used to fulfill the obligations that arise based on the relationship that you create with AH CACAO and may additionally be used the following purposes:

Respond to a comment or suggestion.

To inform you about products, services, promotions, contests, events and other activities or proposals from AH CACAO.

So you can participate in promotions, contests or other activities organized by AH CACAO and to contact you in relation to the same.

To request your participation in surveys about AH CACAO and its products and services.

To contact you about your evaluation of the products and services of AH CACAO or related issue.

To resolve problems you may experience with the products and services of AH CACAO and their delivery.

To register you in reward programs when applicable and with your approval.

To generally communicate information from AH CACAO, including publicity and promotions.

AH CACAO may combine the information you provide to AH CACAO with information you have voluntarily provided to third parties with the aim of improving your experience with our website, our products and services, and our promotions, according to your preferences.

In the case that AH CACAO would like to use your personal data for a purpose not mentioned in this policy you will be contacted by AH CACAO to obtain your consent. AH CACAO will not use your personal data for any purpose not mentioned previously without your consent.

Collected information

1) Personal data

AH CACAO may collect and store personal data, that is data that identifies or could identify. Examples of personal data are name, e-mail address, postal address, delivery address, telephone number, identification numbers, date of birth, payment data (such as credit card numbers), and persistent identifiers such as cookies that identify personal data.

This data is supplied by you voluntarily when you decide to contact AH CACAO, purchase products, request an invoice, register for certain services, participate in reward programs, subscribe to newsletters, and other actividades.

2) Automatically collected data

The Internet services of AH CACAO, such as its websites, recognize and automatically store data about every user and visitor, such as their IP address, domain name, and referring website. This information is used to analyze the traffic patterns of our websites and optimize them. Your web browsing device automatically provides this information every time you initiate a session with our services unless you have applied a technology to block this behavior.

AH CACAO use “cookies”, along with other mechanisms, when you visit AH CACAO websites, follow advertisements that appear on them, or use the services of AH CACAO websites. These “cookies” allow the storage of certain data in the device of the visitor to personalize their experience based on the interests and preferences, or to facilitate the login to certain services. Most web browsing solutions allow the use of cookies to be inhibited or display a warning before storing data in cookies. It is possible that if cookies are blocked you may not be able to restore your previously saved preferences and that the ability of website to personalize your experience will be limited. We suggest you consult the manual or help system of your web browser to learn more about cookies.

AH CACAO may compile and store anonymous aggregated information about the visitors to its websites, such as the percentage of visitors from a certain country. AH CACAO could share that information with advertisers, business partners, sponsors and other third parties. AH CACAO could also generate anonymous information about the usage patterns, purchase habits, and similar data of its website visitors. This information could be used to adapt the content of our websites and publicity and personalize the experience of each visitor, among other uses.

Personal data of minors

Minors should not provide personal information to AH CACAO without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. If AH CACAO detects that you are a minor we will not use your information without the consent your parents, except as permitted by the law.

If AH CACAO organizes a competition we may ask each participant to provide their year of birth along with other personal data. If the year provided indicates that the participant could be a minor they will not be elegible to participate without the consent of a parent or legal guardian and their information will be eliminated from AH CACAO’s database.

On occasions AH CACAO may ask a minor to provide the contact data of a parent or legal guardian. In that case, the information will be used only to contact the parent or legal guardian to notify them of AH CACAO’s privacy practices with respect to minors and ask for their authorization to use the information provided by the minor for the use for which it was provided. The parents and legal guardians whose data has been collected may ask for access to the data, make corrections, request its deletion from AH CACAO’s database and prohibit the collection and use of personal data by AH CACAO. For more information you may contact AH CACAO by any of the methods indicated at the end of this document.

Transmission and transfer of personal data

AH CACAO will not share, without your prior consent, your personal data with third parties except (a) when the law or a judgement requires it; (b) when the information must be shared with AH CACAO’s contractors in order to perform internal operations in relation to the aforementioned purposes (for example to deliver orders or store information electronically or physically); (c) to protect the rights or property of AH CACAO or its customers; (d) when the transfer of information is considered by the relevant data protection laws. AH CACAO requires all its contractors to agree to use your personal data only for the purpose for which they were contracted.


AH CACAO has adopted the security and administrative measures, both technical and physical, necessary to protect your personal data against unauthorized use or access, damage, alteration, and loss. However AH CACAO cannot guarantee that unauthorized use or access will not occur, or that communications are free from interruption, error or interception by unauthorized third parties.

The access to your personal data held by AH CACAO is limited to the people who require access for the stated purposes. In the event that when supplying your personal data AH CACAO provides you with security information such as a username and/or password it is your responsibility  to maintain the confidentiality of this information. We suggest that you do not share this information with anyone. If you share your computing device you should always close your session with the electronic services AH CACAO may provide before closing the website or software used to access these services in order to prevent unauthorized use or access by third parties of your personal data.

Information storage

AH CACAO’s databases are hosted and maintained in Mexico, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. All information collected by AH CACAO or provided by you to AH CACAO by any means will be sent and stored by or for AH CACAO in Mexico, the United States of America, and/or the United Kingdom. The individuals who provide Personal Data to AH CACAO, including but not limited to, those from states of the European Union and each jurisdiction of Latin America, understand and unequivocally consent to that data being collected, transferred, processed and stored in Mexico, and/or the United States of America, and/or the United Kingdom.

Your rights

As the owner of your personal data you may request that AH CACAO grant access to, correct or remove your data. At any time you may cancel your consent to use your personal data. You can do this by sending your request by any of the contact methods described at the end of this document.

You have the right to:

Know what personal data is stored in AH CACAO’s databases, what those data are used for, the origin of those data, and what communications have used those data.

Demand correction or updating of your personal data. It is necessary that you advise AH CACAO of the desired changes.

Demand that your personal data is removed partially or entirely from the AH CACAO’s databases.

Que sus datos personales sean dados de baja total o parcialmente de las bases de datos de AH CACAO. This request will result in a period of suspension of the use of your data after which the data will be removed. There may be cases where the complete removal of your data is not possible under the terms of Mexican law.

Prohibit or limit the use of your personal data by AH CACAO. In the case that you do not wish to receive certain communications, those communications will include the option to no longer receive similar communications.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The conditions established in this privacy policy dictate the use of all information received while this policy is active. AH CACAO reserves the right to change or modify this policy at any time. Changes to AH CACAO´s privacy policy will be published through this web page. We therefore suggest that you return the page periodically. Any changes to the privacy policy will have immediate effect from the moment it is published on this web page and you continue using the services of AH CACAO.


When you provide AH CACAO with information of any type, including personal data, through any medium, such as websites, pre-printed forms, e-mail, carrier pigeons or owls, you expressly (i) accept the conditions of this privacy policy; (ii) agree that the information you provide may be stored and general used for the purposes described, including commercial and promotional use; (iii) authorize AH CACAO to obtain, compile, store, share, communicate, transmit and use the information in any way or form, in compliance with the conditions established in this policy and applicable laws. You accept that all information you provide will be considered genuine and up-to-date.


Questions, comments, and the exercising of rights may be communicated through the contact page of the website