Senior Counselor: What to do when


          Look at the event schedule for and promote to seniors.

           Schedule seniors, make sure you have a plan for each senior to earn all their credits and meet graduation requirements by June.

         If seniors will be unable to graduate, refer to Catapult Academy, follow established procedures for applications, try to get as many apps in as early as possible, maybe even before school starts get parents and students in.

          Call those At-Risk seniors before school starts if possible to review with student and parent their credit recovery plan. If not before school, soon after.

          Make sure as many students are set up with Edgenuity as possible. Be sure to have a contract that specifies each class to be taken on Edgenuity, be clear what quarters the student must complete and outline a projected timeline to complete each quarter. Have parent and student sign.

Sign seniors up for Adult Ed Co Enrolled if available this year.

          As soon as your At-Risk students are settled, begin senior credit checks. Be sure to look to the top right of credit checks to ensure we have their social security number numbers on file (they must bring in a copy of their ss card). These may be individual, group or via classroom presentations (as appropriate). Be sure to include the senior to do list in the presentation and all resources for seniors, including “college corner” that has videos walking seniors through every step of the college application process, on Make sure that you review the senior to do list to accurately tell them what to do when. Set a procedure up for requesting a letter of recommendation, you will need to be submitting them soon.

Also, be sure to keep a list of senior who plan on earning their AA Degree requirements because they will be recognized as such at our graduation ceremony. “PHSC Graduate” will follow their name.

 FASFA is now completed in the Fall. You may want to host a financial aid night, or communicate via Global Connect, or the Remind App changes to FAFSA and emphasize it is now completed in the Fall not Spring.

Make sure Seniors, as best you can, are signing up to attend on campus college presentations.


          You will still be doing senior credit checks, make sure that those students who have not passed the FSA Reading are signing up for the ACT and ordering a copy of their test. They may also take the SAT but can not order a copy of their test.

        Check progress of at risk seniors, grades and attendance as well as Edgenuity progress, be sure seniors are signing up for their required online class and making progress. Communicate as appropriate with students and parents concerns.

Be sure to continue to communicate new FAFSA dates.

Start your Common Apps and Send Edu requests and include letters of recommendation.

Send local scholarship applications to SHS scholarships to go on the website as you get them throughout the year, also put on scholarship table.

October, November

Continue duties from month of September for the most part.

Send out reminder to be working on community service hours whether Global Connect or the Remind App.

Send out first quarter D/F/At Risk to graduate notices to parents. Meet with those students.


Continue with September duties.

Credit checks should almost be done.

Remind students they may now complete their Bright Futures applications, link on website, all students who anticipate meeting requirements for BF apply, they do not have to have the requirements met to apply.

END OF DECEMBER...Credit checks should be done


Schedule changes as needed

First semester D/F/At-Risk to graduate notices to be sent to parents, meet with students have them sign academic contract.

Students not making progress with edgenuity, send notice home, meet with students, have them sign contract.

Should any seniors now apply for Catapult, if yes, follow application procedures.

Sign seniors up for 2nd semester Adult Ed-Coenrolled.

Meet with students who must pass FSA Reading who have not yet taken the Act and SAT.

Mid year evaluations due on Common App and Send Edu.


Lots of progress monitoring

        -Progress of required online classes

        - Edgenuity progress

        - Attendance

        - Grades, gpa

        - ACT & SAT testing for students    

           who need concordant scores.

       -Send out 3rd quarter D/F/At-Risk

        notices, meet with students.

  • Send reminders to have Community Service hours turned into you by May 1st, that students applied for their FAFSA, that students applied for Bright Futures Scholarship, also have students bring to you copies of their scholarships and awards letters.


  • Begin a spreadsheet that entails projected grad codes for each senior and roughly, if  you can assume,  what requirements will not be met.
  • Get list online of seniors eligible for Bright Futures. Send their names and what scholarship they are earning to Ilianna on a comprehensive spreadsheet, not bits and pieces.
  • Tally up all of the scholarship dollars seniors earned for Evening Of Excellence
  • Collect RSVP forms for Evening Of Excellence


Finalize grad code spreadsheet.

Complete senior clearance forms

Senior clearance with principal

Meet with non grads, refer to summer school or Catapult, if Catapult send them the list of students to register for next August.