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Aug 2013

2013 Executive Committee


Mr. Pratyush Mehta

(919) 967-6270


Vice President

Mrs. Neha Mehta

(919) 233-8837



Mr. Anand Shah

(919) 678-9475


Food Coordinator

Mrs. Heena Mehta

(919) 967-6270


Youth Coordinator

Mrs. Rita Lodaya

(919) 240-5564


Mrs. Sejal Shah





Hindu Center


Mr. Pravin Shah

(919) 859-4994


Mr. Pratyush Mehta

(919) 967-6270


Mr. Harshad Shah

(919) 341 8894

Special Projects

Special Projects


Mr. Jagdish Shah

(919) 847-3447



Mr. Pritesh Shah

Raleigh, NC

Annual Camp

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Cary, NC

Sustainment Committee

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Cary, NC

Religious Programs

Mr. Pravin Shah
Mr. Kirit Shah

Editor’s Corner

Jai Jinendra,

This month’s newsletter has a number of important announcements. Please read the complete newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)

Inside This Issue

  1. Monthly Meeting
  2. Announcements
  3. Upcoming Activities
  4. Pathshala Corner
  5. How to Support Jain Study Center of NC

 1. Monthly Meeting

The community holds its monthly meetings at the Hindu Temple in Morrisville, NC. We invite everyone to attend the monthly meetings.

Please inform our Food Coordinator, Mrs. Heena Mehta for planning purposes if you are planning to attend.

Monthly Meeting Format

10:45 a.m.


11:00 a.m.

Item(s) / presentation by Paathshala children

11:15 a.m.

Administrative/Committee activities

11:30 a.m.


12:45 p.m.

Other Announcements

01:00 p.m.



Aug 18

Discourse Topic

NEW format this month

Read the Announcements Section

NO monthly meeting

at the temple this month

2. Announcements

JSCNC Movie Screening in lieu of monthly meeting

This month's meeting will have a different format. Instead of regular meeting format at the HSNC temple, there will be screening of a movie "Ek Cheez Milengi Wonderful" at Mr. Arvindbhai & Aruna Shah. Since this is hosted at their house, we request everyone who plans to attend the screening to click the following RSVP link since the space is limited.

The movie is suitable for all ages. However, due to spiritual nature of the content and language, children younger than 6 may not comprehend the entire movie. We request the parents to exercise discretion and make plans accordingly. The language is Hindi but there will be English subtitles. The total run time is 2 hours 40 minutes.

Lunch will be served during interval.


Movie Name

Ek Cheez Milengi Wonderful

(The Journey of Entitlement)



Mr. Arvind & Aruna Shah

8705 Stage Ford Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615.

Phone#: (919) 518-1112

Date & Time

Aug 18th, 2013 10:30 AM


Please reply by Aug 13 for planning purposes.


Paryushan Maha Parva - 2013

Jain Study Center of North Carolina will observer Paryushan from Aug 31st - Sep 7th. Please note that these dates are different from traditional Paryushan dates [Sep 2 - Sep 9]. The Committee is working on planning a number of activities and we will publish a comprehensive Paryushan Planner published in mid august.

Our sangh is fortunate to have Samniji Shruthnidhi ji & Samniji Suyashnidhi ji visit us during Paryushan this year. They will be here from Aug 28th - Sep 1st. Many of the attendees of the JAINA 2013 Convention in Novi (Detroit) MI, met two Sthanakvasi Samani jis, who have mastered the teachings based on the Anuppeha Dhyan Yog Sadhana. They are Samani Shruthnidhi ji and Samani Shri Suyashnidhi ji. We all were impressed by their knowledge, fluency in Hindi and English with high-tech presentation techniques. They are fluent in Marwadi, some Kannad and Gujarati. Both of the Samnijis are disciples of ACHARYA – Acharya Pravar Shri Shubhchandraji Maharaj Saheb; UPADHYAYA – Upadhyaya Pravar Shri Parshvachandraji Maharaj Saheb; GURU –Dr. Shri Padamchandraji Maharaj Saheb. Samnijis are educated in Jainology (one with BA, other with MA - Gold Medalist), Naturopathy and Prakrit.

We are working on planning for their discourse topics and schedules and will publish details in the 2013 Paryushan Planner published in mid August. If you are interested in any specific topics for a discourse, please send an e-mail to Madhuker Mehta (top.mehta@gmail.com). The request is not a guarantee but will be considered first. Majority of selected topics and Samnijis’ choice will prevail.  ** The afternoon discourses can be arranged at any of the RTP area Shravak/Shravika’s home provided they can arrange to receive and bring Samnijis back to the Mehta Residence in Cary.

Also, during this maha parva, we would like to send our good wishes to all those who are planning to do Tapasya. Do bring to our attention any tapasya by sending a quick email to Anand Shah (anand2.shah@gmail.com). All Tapasvis will be recognized in the next newsletter.

Finally, during the auspicious occasion of Paryushan, consider donating generously towards Jiv Daya, Scholar Fund, Paathshala / children's activities or the General Fund. All contributions to JSCNC are tax-deductible. Make your check payable to "Jain Study Center of North Carolina" or simply "JSCNC", and either hand them to any Committee Member, or mail them to the Treasurer: Jagdish Shah.

Camp Lalit - 2013

JSCNC organizes an overnight camp each year.  The committee is working on setting up a registration and payment system and will publish it soon. Please be on the lookout for a separate email with instructions on how to register.



Sep 21 - 22

(Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon)

Deadline to register

Sep 14


Camp Laphio, Umstead Park, Raleigh.

Guest Speaker

Honorable Shri Bhadrabahu Vijay Ji


  • $60 for families (up to 4)
  • $20 for individuals.
  • Children 6 and under are free        

3. Upcoming Activities

Ths JSCNC 2013 calendar is online. Please visit http://www.jscnc.org and click Events. The calendar has the most up-to-date listing of all confirmed activities for the year. All the tithis (Lunar Days) are also posted on the online calendar. Here is a list of some key dates:

** Tithi Calendar for 2013 is now updated **





Weekly Swadhyaya (Mondays)

7.30 pm

HSNC Library

Mr. Harshad Shah

Weekly Mahavir Puja

10 am

HSNC Temple

Mrs. Rekha Banker

4. Pathshala Corner

JSCNC Pathshala serves our young kids to instill spiritual development, self-awareness and promote Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism. The teachers pay special attention to the needs of young and older groups and have structured curriculum as such.


The Paathshala classes take place every first Sunday of the month from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Hindu Temple Cultural Hall AND on 3rd Sundays during the monthly meeting. If you plan to attend and/or need more information, please call Mrs. Rita Lodaya or Mrs. Sejal Shah. Paathshala e-mail address is JSCNCpathshala@yahoo.com.

Due to the new meeting format (movie screening) there will be NO Pathshala on Aug 18th.

5. Supporting our center

You can support our Center by:

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)