Panau Fire Department

Official Training Guide         

Rev 0.1a - August 20, 2015

Purpose and Scope:

All new members of the Panau Fire Department will be required to participate in the following mandatory training steps in order to become recognized members of the department. The objective of this training is to give all PFD employees and volunteers a common set of tools, knowledge, and policies to facilitate working together.

New Employee Process

New employees must be civilians and must register as a firefighter (( by pressing M and choosing the firefighter role )). If an existing PFD employee is on duty (( online )), the prospective employee shall contact them to arrange for initial training. Until such a time as a certified firefighting instructor is available, the prospective employee shall conduct “ride-alongs” with a current firefighter. The prospective employee can assist as needed, but may not drive any PFD vehicles, and must follow all orders from the firefighter they are riding with.

When a certified firefighting instructor is available, the training specified below shall be conducted with the prospective employee. Once initial training is completed, the new employee will be assigned to a unit and be added to the PFD roster. Employees listed on the roster are then eligible to receive a civilian license from the Government of Panau.

New Volunteer Process

Licensed civilian doctors and pilots may apply to be PFD volunteers by contacting the Fire Chief via email (( forum PM if offline )) or Senior Instructor (( only if online )). Faction members interested in volunteering may contact the Battalion Chief for the unit nearest to their faction headquarters if they are on duty (( online )), the Senior Instructor (( if online )), or else shall email the Fire Chief (( forum PM if offline )). Volunteers shall be listed on the PFD Roster upon approval by the Fire Chief, and will be listed as “training complete” after participating in a VFF Training Exercise as described below.

Firefighter Training Requirements

Driving Test

New firefighters must undergo a driving test before beginning any other training activities. VFF members are only required to take the test before driving PFD vehicles; they are not required to take it if using faction or personal vehicles to assist PFD operations. The driving test shall be administered by a certified firefighting instructor.

The firefighter will be assessed on their ability to drive a Kenwall Heavy Rescue fire truck a distance of at least 4 kilometers in Code 3 (with lights and sirens activated). The firefighter will take charge of the truck with the instructor in the seat beside them. They will be assessed on the following:

  1. Maintaining course. You must remain on the course and follow all directions issued by the instructor. You must not leave the road (entering the dirt shoulder is OK, but you must not go off the shoulder). You must primarily drive on the right side of the road.
  2. Collisions. Any collision with another vehicle will immediately disqualify you, and you will have to restart the test. Hitting objects such as signposts must be minimized.
  3. Speed. You will have a set time limit in which you will be expected to complete the course. If you fail to complete the course under the time limit, you will have 1 chance to retry.

The instructor shall also inform the student of the following PFD vehicle rules:

Response and Communication Instruction

All PFD employees and VFFs must be trained on PFD communication and response procedures before proceeding to any subsequent training modules. The instructor shall inform students of the following:

Firefighting Training

Only PFD Firefighters are required to take this training. VFFs may optionally take this training module if they wish to be certified to assist in directly fighting fires. The student shall be instructed on the basics of how to approach and fight a fire. The instructor shall explain how to use equipment provided on the Kenwall Heavy Rescue, including hoses, ladders, and pumps.

After receiving basic firefighter training, a practical assessment is required. This assessment is conducted at the discretion of the instructor, and may involve responding to an actual incident and being observed by the instructor, or responding to a mock incident set up by the instructor.

Health and Safety Policies

All PFD employees and VFF members shall be assessed in their health and safety throughout the training process. Any unsafe behavior will result in the individual being suspended until they receive a health & safety classroom lecture.

Pilot Training

All PFD Volunteer Pilots must receive training on specific equipment transport, personnel insertion and recovery, search and rescue operations, and improvised landing zones. Pilots must have at least 1000 hours of flight time to be a PFD VFF pilot (( no specific OOC time requirement, this is just an IC requirement - you need to know how to fly )). All PFD personnel are expected to participate in joint training sessions with flight crews, but do not need to receive this training prior to joining the department. Pilots shall demonstrate the following capabilities to a senior instructor:

Training Commendation

After each training exercise, the instructor providing the training will give the candidate feedback on their performance. The instructor shall immediately notify the candidate of any portions of the training or test which were not completed satisfactorily. Repeated failure to succeed at training exercises will be discussed between the candidate, PFD Chief, and Senior Instructor.

Training Schedule and Availability

Training is held at the PFD Training Center located at Kampung Monyet Lena village near the Enforcers HQ. Training exercises may require travel to other locations during the course of the exercise. If you are attending a scheduled training, please inform the instructor beforehand and arrive on time. All training is free.

Scheduled training sessions occur at the following times (( all times GMT )). Please contact the PFD Chief or Senior Instructor if these times do not work for you, or if you want to confirm availability for a specific date.

Becoming an Instructor

Current PFD members may be invited by the Senior Instructor or PFD Chief to become certified instructors. Members must be in good standing, recently active, and a currently recognized member of the PFD. The following levels of instructor certification are available:

Thank you!

We hope that you will join the PFD and enjoy the honor of being a hero! If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Chief or Senior Instructor.


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