Sally Meding Fine Art

Artist Statement:

My watercolor paintings reflect my passion for color and shape. I playfully abstract familiar everyday objects using a a kaleidoscope of harmonious color. Several planes (layers) are apparent in my work.

Initially, I lay an under-structure of pigments using a large brush and place textural elements in the wet wash while it dries. This is the most exciting spontaneous part and sometimes influences my initial ideas for the piece. Responding to the how the first layer of paint behaves has become part of my experimental creative process.

Next, I define the subject matter with precise clean edges. Finally, I interweave an abstract layer though the subject creating a puzzle-like effect. Additionally, I embellish select shapes with rhythmic patterns by lifting them from the paper. These patterns repeat throughout artwork like an echo.  These layers and pattern allow the viewer to join me in pushing the realistic imagery into a thought-provoking “dream” state with glorious color setting the mood of each piece. I dream in full color and my fascination for shapes/pattern probably stems from background in science and childhood doodles.

To reach my comfort zone somewhere between real and imagined, I play a game of contrasts (of design) including light against dark,  warm against cool hues or bright against dull colors. The different areas of contrast allow the viewer's eye to be guided through painting, to enjoy the color and textures along the journey, to that elusive arena at the edge of abstract realism.