Soviet Union Reading List

Note: I have come to the conclusion that these reading lists (and most other leftist reading lists) are of extremely low quality and need to be overhauled. The organization and presentation of resources is awful, making the lists largely inaccessible and intimidating. Many of the links are either broken, redundant, or provide low-grade information. In order to remedy these issues, I am in the process of refining every one of my reading lists.

Table of Contents

Useful Websites and Collections

The Lenin Era


The Russian Revolution

Post-Revolution Soviet Union

The Stalin Era


On Stalin Himself

Collectivisation and the Famine of 1932-33 or the “Holodomor”


Moscow Trials and the Great Purge

Gulag System

On Stalin’s Supposed Anti Semitism

On the Forced Deportations

Post-Stalin Period


Collapse of the USSR


Soviet Society


Soviet Democracy

Women in the Soviet Union

Education in the Soviet Union

Healthcare in the Soviet Union

Economy of the Soviet Union

Eyewitness Accounts of the USSR

Soviet Foreign Policy

Alternative Views

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union


RSDLP Congresses

RCP(B) Congresses

CPSU Congresses