School Closure Planning Document

Please comment on the document to add any tips/resources/suggestions you have.

Administrators        2

Directors/Coordinators/Coaches        3

Teachers        5

Students        6

Tips for Online Learning        7

Platforms Offering Assistance        8

Platform Resources        10

Tool-Based, Ready-Made Resources/Tutorials        10

Ready-Made Resources        11

Planning Resources        12

Teaching Online Resources        14

Resource Collections        15

General Resources        16

Articles/Additional Support        17

Misc.        19

Illinois & LTC Resources        20

Other State Resources        21

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Part 1: Planning Document Prior to Closure


Consolidated Plan for Admin

Action Items

Concerns to Work Through

Misc. (include samples and  resources related to topics below)

  • Develop Team to Plan for Closure

  • Develop Communication for Community

Website? Email blast? Letter? Social Media?

Consider holding Zoom webinars for parents to update/explain how they can assist their children when learning remotely

Sample announcement via Newsletter

Parent Weekly Check-in

  • Develop online attendance policy

Attendance for both staff and students?

Is a single Google Form submission at the start of each "school day" sufficient?

Should students have to check in with each teacher they have for attendance?

How will this work if students are sick? How will “sick days” be reported to schools?

Will considerations be made for older students that become “caretakers” of younger siblings when parents need to report to work?

E-Learning Demonstration Video

Example of Attendance Form

  • Determine expectations for what a school day will look like online

How much work should be assigned since tasks could take longer online? Who decides?

  • Create School Closure Document for teachers/support staff/students/parents

Include how admin and staff will communicate with each other, what platforms will be used, expectations for teaching and learning

What are the essential responsibilities of teachers during this time: attendance, assignments, availability

How will student needs be met for those with 504 and IEPs?

Copy of Essential Agreement Doc

  • Ensure all parent contact information (i.e. phone, email address) is current

Additional Concerns for Administrators

  • Interrupted learning for disadvantaged students
  • Nutrition
  • Parents unprepared for online learning
  • Unequal access to technology
  • Students may know less about technology than we think they do

Resources for Administrators

IPA Coronavirus Information for Schools

10 Strategies for Leading Online When School is Closed

ATLIS Clearinghouse: Coronavirus Resources for Technology Leaders

COVID-19 Situation Summary for Schools

AASA Coronavirus Resources (shared via IASA)

Any additional thoughts for administrators?

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Action Items

Concerns to Work Through

Misc. (include samples and resources related to topics below)

  • Determine how work will be distributed

Do teachers decide this?

How long should students spend on each content area?

  • Create tutorials or train teachers on tools

  • Create checklists or resource documents to help parents help their children with online learning

How/who do parents reach out to for tech support issues?

  • Make sure teachers have lists of all login account information for students

  • Create a “Problem Tracker” for the faculty to share instances of procedures that need to be tweaked during shutdown

  • Practice online delivery

  • Devices

Do they go home now? What about those without access?

  • Determine how students will receive technology support at home

  • Plan for technology to return to schools after closure ends

Are devices collected and sanitized when returned? Is there a “check-in” procedure in place?

  • Decide where information and tutorials will be housed for staff

Any additional thoughts or resources for coaches, directors, or coordinators?

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Action Items

Concerns to Work Through

Misc. (include samples and resources related to topics below)

Educator Planning Worksheet

  • Create Workflow Document for students

Example Doc: Extended Closure Prep for Teachers

Home Learning Daily Schedule

Remote Learning High School Example

  • Create Document for Students on Expectations- what they can expect from you, what you expect from them

Offer “Office Hours” to students?

Online Learning Day Student Guidelines

Online Norms (from Singapore)

Student Daily Check-in Forms (blog post)

  • Create documents for parents: how do they contact you? What is the workload expectation for students? How can they support their children?

Who creates this? Individual teachers, or does the administration create a template so this is consistent?

  • Check all technology programs/accounts that will be used, make sure students have access to these as well

  • Make sure students have all logins needed

  • How to ensure work isn’t “busy work”

Worksheet Continuum Graphic

E-Learning Guidelines for K-5

E-Learning Guidelines for 6-12

Any additional thoughts or resources for teachers?

  • Create checklists for YOURSELF- create a schedule for yourself that includes specific times to check email, be available to students, grade papers, etc. Build in breaks where you step away from technology and care for yourself. This list is just for you, but may be something you share with family members that are also working from home.

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Action Items

Concerns to Work Through

Misc. (include samples, resources)

  • Make sure devices to connect are available

  • Make sure all materials and supplies are taken home

  • Find a quiet workspace

  • Make sure they understand the protocol for how to access the assignments and contact teachers for questions

Protocols should be demonstrated in class or through a recording to be reviewed when needed

Any additional thoughts or resources for students?

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Tips for Online Learning

  • Don’t try to mimic an actual school day- it’s not a normal situation
  • Kids are stressed
  • Not all are used to online learning
  • Many kids cannot self-manage their schedule on their own
  • Lessen the workload (it takes longer to complete work online)
  • Choose 2-4 subjects a day to focus on
  • Try to keep students off of screens all day (i.e. assigning a story? Don’t make them type it out. Have them write it and snap a picture)
  • Not all students will have strong internet connections
  • Some will only have access to the Internet from a smartphone
  • Some households will have multiple kids impacted at different grade levels
  • Teachers: post a short “good morning” video to let the students see you
  • Create a daily checklist of exactly what students should do each day
  • This helps those that aren’t organized
  • DON’T try new tech! Use programs your students are already used to and have installed
  • Use the same method of communication to parents so they know where to expect information from
  • Monitor morale and workload of students, adjust if necessary
  • Some students may become sick or have to care for family members that get sick
  • Some parents will lose jobs during this time adding additional stressors to kids

If I Had it to do Over Again/Things I Wish I Knew About Going Online Quickly (crowdsourced advice and tips from overseas teachers affected)

What Teachers in China Have Learned the Last Month (article)


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Part 2: Resources

Platforms Offering Assistance

Please note: only platforms offering additional access during school closures will be listed here- this is not a general list for online learning.




Higher education and K-12 institutional customers globally — who currently make Creative Cloud apps available to students who login through on-campus labs — the ability to request temporary “at-home” access for their students and educators. This will be granted through May 31, 2020 at no additional cost


Free stories for kids to stream


Offering free collaboration on books to assist schools that close


Free access for schools closed due to Coronavirus


A list of free digital games put together due to school closures


Free Buncee Classroom accounts during closure

Cisco WebEX

Cisco WebEx 90 day free usage - Remote Workers and Virtual Learning includes unlimited usage (no time restrictions) and supports up to 100 participants.


Offering two free months of anyone that signs up for Internet Essentials program for low-income households


Global Pen Pals currently free due to closures

Discovery Ed

For schools that are not currently using Discovery Education resources, but are experiencing closures due to the Coronavirus, DE is offering free access through the remainder of the school year

Fitness & Fluency

21 days of free unlimited access

Google Hangouts Meet

Offering Enterprise-level services to all until July 1, 2020 (i.e. ability to record meets, increase attendees number)


Complete access to Hapara tools at no charge through June 2020


Premium distance learning tools for free for schools closed due to Covid-19


Free access to schools affected by Covid-19


Free access to premium if school is closed through April 30. Can be extended if school remains closed

National Emergency Library

1.4 million digital books


National Science Teaching Association is offering free 30 day membership which includes all resources


Extending impacted schools and districts with temporary access


Free access to entire product suite for remainder of 2019/2020 school year


Online discussion tool offering free premium features until April 30th by using the code “Bye-Corona”

Pear Deck

Premium access for schools in quarantined communities


“If your school has temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus and is looking for a solution for remote learning, please have an administrator contact us at We’ll do whatever we can to help at no cost.”

Link goes to resources


Free access to SMART Learning Suite Online for schools affected or planning to close


Free access until June 30, 2020

Time for Kids

Free for rest of school year


Full access to platform and curriculum for closed schools


WeVideo offering free WeVideo for schools accounts; can be given in 90 day increments

Zoom Meetings

Removing the 40 minute recording limit for US EDU customers by request at this link

Coronavirus Virtual Learning Offers (editable spreadsheet)

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions During Shut Down

Wakelet of Additional Services

Extended Benefits from Companies Wakelet

J.K. Rowling relaxes licensing rules

Author Chris Grabenstein giving permission for teachers to record/post videos of them reading his books

Author Mo Williams grants permission to read/record readings of his books

Platform Resources

Free Newsela resources to help students understand coronavirus

Flipgrid’s Remote Learning Resources

Master Your Screencast (Screencastify)

Khan Academy Schedules for School Closures

Pear Deck Resources  | (Same Pear Deck slideshow in PPT)

Teach from Home (Google)

Distance Learning (Google)

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Tool-Based, Ready-Made Resources/Tutorials


Video Conferencing

Zoom Directions for Students

Zoom Tips for Teachers

How to Set up Zoom for Parents and Students (video)

Best Practices for Securing your Zoom Room

Google Meet Video Series

Google Hangouts Meet User Guide


Remote Learning Seesaw Support

How to Use Padlet (video)

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

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Ready-Made Resources

K-5 eLearning Template Make a copy here

Slideshow of Tools Make a copy here (from Dominic Hill, 6 weeks into online classes in Hong Kong)

Online Communication Netiquette Checklist

Free Templates

Daily Schedule Planner

Daily Journal Template

Example of an E-Learning Service Log

Coronavirus Prezi for grades 9-10

Video Conferencing Norms

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Planning Resources

For Schools

Video Conferencing Services and Privacy 

Rapid Transition to Online Learning Roadmap

Responding to Coronavirus: A Downloadable Guide for Schools

Six Steps for Schools to Respond to Coronavirus

Resources to Help Schools Facilitate Online Learning During Covid-19 Closures

North Shore (Washington State) Webinar on How They Handled Closing | Copy of Blended Learning PD

SETDA Coalition for eLearning

Virtual School Framework

Why Social Distancing Works (video for students)

School Websites for Online Learning

E-Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Distance Learning Plans (slideshows for different grade bands)

Planning Website

Libertyville District 70

Worcester Public Schools

Home-Based Learning

International Example from Japan

For Parents

Resources for Parents During Extended School Closures

Common Sense Media Resources for Parents

Schools are Closing. Now What? (article)

Ideas for Kid Activities During Quarantine

How You and Your Kids Can Destress During Coronavirus

At Home Learning Ideas

Parents Guide to Google Classroom

How to Prepare for Extended School Closures and Not Lose Your Mind

For Teachers

Toolkit for Supporting Autisic Kids During Coronavirus

Q & A for Providing Services to Students with Disabilities

COVID-19 and Special Education FAQ

Plan for accessibility when teaching online

Teacher Resources During COVID-19 (spreadsheet)

Teaching Remotely in Times of Need

Going Old School: Offline Activities for Remote Learning | Print-friendly version

E-Learning Planning deck (from Japan)

Resources for Teaching Online Due to School Closures (includes concerns to be aware of)

e-Learning Resources

eLearning-Inclement Weather Days Secondary

Planning for Remote Learning Guidelines for Middle School

Resources for School Closures

Quality Matters Emergency Remote Instruction Checklist

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Teaching Online Resources

Tips for Running Online Learning (and interview with American instructional coach Jen Pearson in China)

Tips for Transitioning Online

COVID-19 Education Resources (sign in with email)

Tips and Tools for Remote Learning

Online Teaching Resources (Lucy Gray)

Online Tools for E-Learning

Creating an Online Classroom

Online Teaching: Do This, Not That (infographic)

Thoughts for Teaching Online

Coronavirus: How to Move Your Classes Online

Asynchronous, Remote, and Flipped Learning E-book

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Resource Collections

COVID-19 Education Coalition

SEL Resources During COVID-19

Education Resources for those Affected by COVID-19 Wakelet

Remote learning Wakelet

Wakelet Resources: Closed for COVID19?!

Wakelet of Remote Learning Resources 

Padlet of Resources 

Teacher Tools for COVID-19 Closures (or anytime)

HyperDocs for eLearning and Additional Resources

Asynchronous, Remote, & Flipped Classroom Resources

AFT resources on the coronavirus

Bringing the Outside In: Favorite Resources for Connecting to the World

Science Collection of Resources

Continued Ed Opportunities

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General Resources

Copyright & Fair Use

Go Open Resource Library

Fair Use and Copyright Information

Copyright for Classrooms

YouTube’s FAQ on Copyright & Fair Use

Public Statement: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research

International Educator Shared Resources for Virtual Learning Facebook Group

Emergency School Closures Website of Resources

Global Online Academy Resources

Preparing students to learn from home with Chromebooks

Use Your Time in Isolation to Learn Everything You’ve Always Wanted To

Vendor Support During COVID-19 (geared toward higher ed)

Stages of Online Learning (source)

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Articles/Additional Support

Self Care for Teachers

Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety

5 Ways to Promote Self Care

SEL for Students

(S)ELearning Framework Draft

Self Care Challenge

Daily SEL Challenge Board

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Teaching During Coronavirus (article)


Facebook Group for International Educators who are on prolonged online learning due to school closures for COV19.

Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day (article)

Colleges and Universities Closed for COVID-19

“Students are Lonely:” What happens when Coronavirus forces schools online (article)

High school student near Seattle builds website to serve as a leading place for coronavirus information (article)

CDC: Schools Should Prepare for Closures

The Complexity of Closing a School

COVID-19: Preparing for Widespread Illness in Your School Community

Supporting Student Learning During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Blog Post: Pandemic Preparations 

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Internet Access Programs for Students

Available Programs to Help Make Internet More Affordable

Xfinity Wifi Free Hotspot Locations

FCC discount on internet for low-income consumers

Internet Essentials (for low-income families) Comcast offering two months free for those that need connectivity and sign up (see Platforms section for link)

Kajeet portable wifi hot spots (internet access for low income families)

Internet & Wireless Providers Sign Pledge to Keep Americans Connected

General Information on COVID-19/Sanitizing

Up-to-Date Situation Summary via CDC Website

Q & A on Coronavirus Wakelet

General Information on Coronavirus

Sanitizing Products 

EPA Registered Antimicrobial Products 

Keeping your computer clean – Notebooks, All-In-One Desktops, Tiny-In-One, and Monitors - US Directions from Lenovo to clean keyboards From Lenovo. Disinfecting guidelines at the bottom.

How to Clean Your Apple Products

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Part 3: Illinois & LTC Resources

Illinois & LTC Resources

Note: Official eLearning Plans for the state of Illinois require verification and/or approval from your Regional Office of Education. This planning document is not intended to replace these plans but to act as a planning document in the event of a long term closure.

ISBE Guidance for Schools FAQ (April 1, 2020)

ISBE Remote Learning Recommendations (March 27, 2020)

Illinois State Board of Education Student Health Issues

Illinois State Board of Education Electronic Learning

Illinois State Board of Education Continuing Education Resources

Impact of COVID-19 on Assessments and Accountability

Sortable database of Illinois E-Learning Plans

E-Learning Days in Illinois

E-Learning Podcast with Erich Gauke, ISBE

Information for Illinois K-12 Schools Regarding 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Guidance for Illinois Students Regarding 2019 Novel Coronavirus

E-Learning High Points Slide Deck

Quality E-Learning Plan Infographic

Chicago Public Schools Remote Learning Plan

Other State Resources

Utah Education Network

Kansas Continuous Learning Task Force Guidance

Oklahoma City Public Schools

FERPA & Coronavirus

US Department of Education COVID-19 Information

“Remote Learning Guidance from State Education Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A First Look”

Spreadsheet of All 50 States

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Learning Technology Center | | Resource doc curated by Nicole Zumpano.