Igor Pachkevitch

Instructional Film

You will create a 1-3 minute instructional film to demonstrate the ability to plan, film, and edit digital materials.

In groups or by yourself you will come up with an idea for an instructional video I must approve.

You will then shoot the necessary footage with your phones. Remember to use all the techniques we’ve learned so far.

Edit the footage with whichever software you feel comfortable.  You are free to add music, narration or both.

Important: You must shoot all of the content in the video. You must use creative commons licensed music or have permission to use the music in your film.

Upload the file to YouTube and share the link on our Wiki under the Instructional Film List category.





The camera is still and shots are well composed. Clear lighting and sharp picture.

There is little shaking, good lighting.

The video is shaky and blurry. Poor lighting.


The spoken directions are clearly audible.

The sound is clear and easy to hear throughout the video.

The spoken directions are mostly audible.

Some noise or changes in sound level.

The sound is difficult to hear, either too noisy or quiet.


Smooth transitions. The shots work well together. Seamless cuts.  

Shots string together well. Well-timed cuts.

Long waits. Jump cuts. Random shot angles.  Hearing cameraman’s directions.


The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The instructions leave some questions.

The instructions are difficult to follow.

If you have any questions regarding this assignment don’t hesitate to contact me.