BTRN One-day Seminar:

New Challenges and New Perspectives on ELT: The Road Less Travelled

Natal/RN – 20 May, 2017 – FACEX Unidade I


Session 1: 15.00 p.m. - 15.50 p.m. - Room 1

Bilingual Education and other perspectives

Luciana Medeiros de Lucena


Abstract: Facex school  has been working with Dual Language methodology for four years. During these periods, many changes were made in order to connect bilingual ideas in a second language perspective. Our daily activities are based on studies from Ofélia Garcia, Cuban American educator. And as main objective we also use strategies to integrate language content and classroom techniques to improve the second language acquisition.


Speaker’s bio: Luciana Lucena holds a degree in Letras (Portuguese/English and Literature) and  in Journalism by Universidade Potiguar. She also holds a postgraduation course in Teaching in High School from UnP as well. In the recent years, she has been involved in teaching English as a foreign language and literatures. She has also been working with publicity and advertising, school management and administration. In 2017, she started as the coordinator of Facex Dual Language Program.