Digital Products

All digital products come with automated and streamlined Product Management and Quality Assurance systems, and are built by Trained Freelancers. In particular, automated Devops/CI tools ensure projects comply with framework standards, and are auto-deployable.

  1. django rest framework web api (with end-to-end api tests)
  2. AWS deployment (Elastic Beanstalk Docker Web Tier) auto-scaling load-balanced EC2 instances, VPC, MySQL RDS instances, Route 53, IAM) and rapid static file storage and delivery (S3, CloudFront) and HTTPS (Certificate Manager) and email notifications (MailChimp)
  3. linters for all languages and frameworks
  4. software architecture compliance for all relevant languages and frameworks
  5. peer to peer code reviews for projects with 2+ freelancers of same role
  6. DevOps continuous integration - builds, unit/e2e tests, auto-deploys
  7. logging (AWS CloudWatch server logging and maintenance)
  8. We can work with your existing materials, but we have to transfer it to an infrastructure that we support and change it so it complies with our design, development (style and architecture), and distribution guidelines. We can port existing work in any web framework (such as those listed here to our stack.
  9. We have worked with the following APIs: but if you want us to add a new API to our system, please let us know and we will do so before starting on your project.
  10. Note we cannot support crons or periodic activity (i.e. like an email sent every day or something like that) right now. That feature will be supported when we launch worker scrapers as a service which will run on the elastic beanstalk worker tier as opposed to the elastic beanstalk web tier that our backend rest apis run on. However, you can ask your freelancers to setup zaps that will be able to perform your periodic business logic in the meantime -- the zaps will interface with your rest api and with the other services you need to use. However Learning Dollars is not responsible for maintaining these zaps.
  11. Note the final product will look like this: (upon clicking on this link, you should of course see “Authentication credentials were not provided.” because you are not authenticated).
  12. role needed: BACKENDDEVELOPER

Roles (view CLIENT and FREELANCER role guidelines)

Detailed especially for Raw Talent Option where you decide if and when you want to diverge from the LD digital product system and use LD freelancers as “raw talent” on your own infrastructure -- as opposed to packaged with our Devops/CI tools. This is for advanced clients who want to use their own infrastructure and quality checking tools.

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