Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Sites in Sakai 11

How to create Favorites and organize Favorites with the Sites tool:

Image showing the Sakai header with a box and arrow indicating the location of the Sites tool in the upper right-hand corner.

This new tool is located in the upper right-hand corner of your Home site. The first tab is called Sites and will show you all of your visible sites, organized into a couple of categories. You can click on the star next to a site’s name to make it a Favorite.

Image showing the Sites tool with a box and arrow indicating where the user can click the star icon to make a site a favorite.

The second tab is called Organize Favorites. This tab will show you all of the sites that you have made into Favorites. You can change the order of your Favorites by clicking and dragging the sites. You will need to click and drag on the three bars to the right of each site’s name in order to successfully drag a site into a new spot. You’ll see the mouse pointer change into a hand when you are in the right position to click and drag.

An image of the Organize Favorites tab in the Sites tool with a box and arrow indicating the three bars that users should click and drag in order to move a site to a different place in the list of favorite sites.

Your Home site and the top six of your Favorites will show up in the main header bar of the Sakai window. Sakai 11 no longer has a user-specified preference for how many sites show in the main header bar. So you will only be able to view your top six Favorites in the header. You can click on Sites/Organize Favorites at any time to see a complete list of your Favorites.

How to hide sites using the Preferences tool:

If you want to hide sites from your view first click on the Preferences tool in your Home site. Click on the tab called Sites. Then click the checkbox next to a site name to hide it. The box around the site name will turn gray and the site will no longer be visible in your list of sites in the Sites tool. Be sure to click the Update Preferences button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Image showing the Sakai Preferences tool with a box and arrow indicating the checkbox that users can click in order to hide a site from view.

How to display all sites in Worksite Setup

You can always see a complete list of all of your sites in the Home/Worksite Setup tool. Worksite Setup will display both visible and hidden sites in alphabetical order. The tool will also display the site type (project or course), the site creator, the status (published or unpublished), and the creation date. By default, the first 20 sites are shown. You can display up to 200 sites at a time by changing the drop-down menu above the list of site names. You can also search for a specific site in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

Image showing the Sakai Worksite Setup tool with columns for the site title, site type, site creator, status, and creation date.