We are going to look at 3 different ways to collaborate within a document once it has been shared. I notice right away that this document has another person working on the document as there is a picture of them up at the top as well as a different color cursor on the page. Each person has a different color cursor. First off, we will look at how to comment within a document. If you only want to comment on a document and dont’ want to give edits or suggestions to the paper but you want to comment on part of it. You highlight the part you want to comment on and you can right-click or you can go up to the comment tab. Two options when it comes to comment. You can just type what you want to say to them “I really like it”. Another option you can do is highlight it and comment once again but this time I’m going to put in their email address with a + symbol. What that does is imagine if I were working on this document within someone else and they were not currently looking at this document. This comment that I wrote them would not show up right away. With the + symbol it notifies them that I’ve commented. It will send an email letting them know that I commented and what the comment was. On the other end, the other person can be seeing what they have commented on as it shows up on the side of the screen.

The other way to collaborate within a document is to actually edit the document. The words that I type will show up on the document. If we were researching a project together or if I just wanted to answer the question I could type it here. Now the only way to tell if someone has written is to see that it is different or see the cursor there. The other option is to go to revision history and look at different revisions. Edit feature does not track.

The third option is to suggest a change to the document. Now when I write something on the page it’s going to edit and track those suggestions. It will track what I have added to the document. From the sharer’s perspective it shows up in pink (or other color) as it tracks what has been added to the document.

So 3 ways to collaborate within a document. One is to comment, two is to edit, and three is to suggest. All can be very useful depending on your situation.