How you can help Hugo TODAY

Case Updates:

Today marks Hugo's 135th day in ICE detainment.  135 days that he's been held in jail and kept from his family.  David Jennings and ICE seem unmovable in their position and completely unwilling to grant Hugo our request for a bond hearing in front of a judge.

Yet, he's still here.  Hugo and his family remain steadfast in their willingness to fight and their hope of reunification.  Right now, our greatest hope and strategy is supporting Hugo and his family to make it to his 6 month detainment milestone, which will be on November 3rd.  Once he has been detained for 6 months he will be eligible for a bond hearing and to finally have his day in court.

We know that this community's support and advocacy has allowed Hugo and his family to continue this fight and to pursue the outcome we are all hoping for, reunification and a path toward permanent residency.

Congressman Jared Huffman, who has been an avid supporter of Hugo Mejia's since his arrest, filed a private bill on Hugo's behalf yesterday (Thursday) morning, asking Congress to rescind the existing removal order and to allow him to apply for a green card.  You can read more in the Marin IJ article here.  We are so appreciative of Congressman Huffman's continued leadership for Hugo and on immigrant rights.  

As we await the 6 month milestone in November, we ask that you please consider taking the following actions:

1) Contribute to Hugo’s Family GoFundMe Campaign so they have the means to continue to fight or write a check to Yadira Munguia, at the school:

Venetia Valley School

c/o Jessica Marker

177 N San Pedro Rd

San Rafael, CA 94903

2) Hugo has also shared that he's so appreciated everyone's letters of support to him.  They have given him great strength during these three months in detention.  He would love to continue to hear from this community, so please continue to write him.

Hugo Mejia   X-5131225  

KBF-400 #02

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center

12500 Bruceville Road

Elk Grove, CA 95757

3) Consider visiting Hugo at his detention center in Elk Grove, CA.  He loves visitors and those who have visited him have been affected both by his light and by their experience in the facility.  If you are interested in visiting him, please email Jessica Marker at to coordinate with his visiting schedule.

Continued action items:

Call Hugo & Rodrigo’s Representatives:

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom's Office: (916) 445-8994

Governor Jerry Brown's Office: (916) 445-2841 

The CA Attorney General's Office: (916) 445-9555

Senator Kamala Harris: (916) 448-2787

Senator Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393 – 0707

Use this optional call script

Email Jared Huffman to thank him for his unwavering efforts to support Hugo!

Write a Letter to the Editor. The more press attention, the better. 

Share far and wide with your networks.  Each voice of support and each action taken will matter greatly for Hugo and his family!  Public pressure may be our greatest tool to bring Hugo home!

Unfortunately, Hugo’s story is not an outlier -  this is happening all over the country, and our immigrant friends and neighbors need our broad support as well.

If you are interested in supporting this advocacy work for Venetia Valley families, you can donate to The Venetia Valley School Foundation at:

177 N San Pedro Rd., San Rafael, CA 94903.

If you are interested in helping immigrants more broadly, donate to the National Immigration Law Center or a local immigrant rights group.

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