WALT: Write in third person

When we write in third person we are likely to use words like:

Success Criteria:

Example: On the weekend, Paul went to the movies with Tessa. He saw the movie called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2.’  He thought it was a very good movie and was very sad that a character died. AFter the movies he took her to Dominion road to a restaurant called Barilla. He ordered 20 pork and chives dumplings and 18 prawns, pork and chives dumplings. It was delicious.

On the weekend Charlotte and her family went to Waipu, they packed at their home and then went to pick up a friend… 2 hours later her family and her unpacked, then she played with the kitten. Her nanna came and  said “Just leave her alone now.” She left the kitten alone and her family and her went to the beach. They drove back home and played last cards. Her sister won. Nanna and her mum made dinner and then her family ate the dinner. After dinner they played another round of last cards and her brother won. Then she had s'mores and they all went to bed. The next morning her mum, dad, sister and nana went to town. Charlotte, her brother and his friend had giant cookies, then her sister came home and bragged about the trip. Charlotte decided to play with the chickens and scared them, then she came back up to the house and played horses with her sister. They had dinner and then played cheat then went to bed. The next morning Charlotte and her family packed their stuff. First they went to the beach then they came home and played cards and had spaghetti pizza. It was delicious. Then at 3:00 charlotte’s family left and Charlotte felt sad then on the way home they got mcdonalds family pack. Then they got home and had a shower and went to bed. Charlotte’s long weekend was long.