Hammonton Green Committee Minutes - April 2017
Monthly Meeting - Hammonton Town Hall

Green Committee Members:

X Jeanette DePiero  X Mica McCullough X Amy Menzel  XLinda Esposito  X Kerri Patton    

 X Sara Verrillo   _ Courtney Volpe

Friends of the Green Committee & Guests: Victoria Falciani, Kelly O’Neill, Joe Kalucki, Kathy Thomas

  1. Bag Handout, EOFLS Recap - Bag handout was small - minimal crowd at Inferreras/  EOFLS was attended by approx. 30 people - new faces, FB ad result were good

  1. Events and Projects:

Eye Opening Film and Lecture Series - We will reach out to Stockton to see what dates are available in late June/July. Amy to reach out to Farmworkers Association to speak. Galleta Farms was mentioned as a possible speaker/participant.

Neighborhood Cleanup - Saturday, April 29th 9 a.m. at Historic Train Station

Green Business Recognition Program - Will honor ARH in the coming weeks - need to setup meeting with Chamber and organize dates to honor two other businesses (Mazzas Flooring/Pistone’s Auto Repair)

Paint Waste Bins - find out from Scott which are in most need of painting - Linda will visit to see. Need to find out the best paint to use and coordinate volunteers.

Buy Local Program - No update from Jim. Kerri to follow up with Mia Lane graphic designer to see if they are willing to work on logo.

Student Representative and Scholarship - Victoria Falciani has joined us from Hammonton High School as a representative and discussed the need for improved recycling at the high school. It was suggested a morning announcement may work. She also shared how water refilling stations were removed.

Sustainable Jersey/Sustainable Jersey for Schools - Linda reached out to Dr. Dan to urge him to add this to his legacy before leaving.

Reusable Bags Fundraiser - Mica to request sample of bags that she received pricing on so we can see their quality/Amy to check with Weisenbach/Kerri to check with Rodeo Robot for pricing.

Green Day Festival - Amy agreed to be event chair for this year’s event. We will work on updating materials for this year.

Garden Updates -  Opening on April 22 with work day - about 10 spots left

Help with Recycling at Food Truck Festival - Sara will clarify with Cassie what that will entail

ACUA Earth Day Participation on April 22 - Victoria and Courtney volunteered

Other - Linda will attend NJM Sustainability Series on April 4th to see what it is about