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Robert M. Funk

 Rob Funk

(614) 429-4328


Experienced full-stack web application developer with a strong Linux/Unix background. Attentive to detail ranging from the network to the server code to the display and user experience. Excited by the increased activity in the JavaScript world in recent years. Interested in an agile, creative, and diverse work environment.


-        End-to-end understanding of standard web technologies

-        HTML/CSS and web experience since 1995

-        Web programming and website administration (including Apache, nginx, and other software), since 1997

-        Programming languages: JavaScript (since 2009) and ECMAScript 2015 (since 2016); Java (2013-2018); Ruby (2006-2016); PHP (2004-2013); Bourne/Bash shell (since 1994); Perl (1994-2010), C (1994-2002)

-        Experience with web frameworks such as React, Rails, Codeigniter, Spring Boot, and others

-        Building sites with Node/NPM-based tools (e.g. Gulp, Webpack, Browserify, Babel), since 2015

-        Implementing Cucumber acceptance tests in Ruby (2013-2016) and Groovy (2017)

-        Experience with programming languages in various paradigms, including Object-Oriented, Functional, Stack-Oriented, and Procedural

-        Experienced in coding environments from vi/vim to Emacs to Visual Studio Code to IntelliJ IDEA, depending on the task at hand

-        Expertise with revision control systems, including Git (since 2008), Subversion (2005-2013), and CVS (2000-2006)

-        Building and using Docker container technology, 2016

-        Computer/network/code security mindset, practiced since approx. 1996

-        SQL database querying, design, and administration, using MySQL (2003-2013) and Oracle (2017-2018)

-        Email and DNS server administration experience

-        Firewall design (1999-2008) with IPfilter, iptables, ipchains

-        Both professionally and personally using various flavors of Unix and Linux since 1992, been system administrator on them since 1995, and network administrator of them since 1997.

-        Taught “Introduction to Unix” workshops using Solaris

-        Digital image manipulation experience using various software tools, PostScript programming, page layout experience, and expertise in various document and image storage formats

-        Technical support experience since 1994, including supporting/mentoring new Linux/Unix administrators and supporting TCP/IP network connectivity on Windows and Macintosh

-        Communication: clear and correct English writing ability


Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University

Employment History

JPMorgan Chase - CCB Digital        Dec 2018 - present


Using a proprietary JavaScript MVC framework, I implemented features and fixed problems in the massive web application that Chase customers interact with at for managing and opening bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loans.

-        Programmed in JavaScript (ES2015), along with CSS/Less styling and HTML/Ractive templating.

-        Performed frequent code reviews.

-        Put a special emphasis on improving unit tests (using Mocha/Chai), particularly test isolation and code coverage.

-        Mentored junior developers.

-        Assisted other developers in online forums to help them avoid the frustrations I’d previously encountered.

JPMorgan Chase - CCB Home Lending        Oct 2017 - Nov 2018

The Judge Group / JPMorgan Chase        Mar 2017 - Oct 2017


As part of an Agile team at Chase, first as a consultant and then as staff, I worked on both the front end and back end of a major rewrite of an internal web application for deployment to a Cloud Foundry environment. Following that, I worked on a microservices-based data retrieval system. These projects included:

-        Programmed in Javascript (with ES2015, React, and Material-UI) and Java 8 (with Spring and Spring Boot).

-        Wrote acceptance test code in Groovy using Cucumber and Geb.

-        Performed frequent code reviews and pair programming, both assisting and learning from colleagues.

-        Designed REST API interfaces.

-        Worked with Oracle databases, both new and legacy.

-        Wrote an Excel report generation interface using POI.

-        Mentored junior developers and extensively helped colleagues improve their skills with the technologies in use, particularly helping Java programmers with JavaScript.

-        Designed and built a set of REST microservices using Spring Boot and Netflix tools such as Eureka, Zuul, and Hystrix.

ComResource / Chemical Abstracts Service        Jul 2013 – Jul 2016

Consulting Web Developer

As part of a small Agile team, I developed new features and maintained/updated old ones in a very large mission-critical web application serving as an interface to a set of chemical information databases. Some aspects of that work included:

-        Programmed in Java (multiple frameworks) and Javascript (with the Dojo framework).

-        Wrote acceptance test code in Ruby using Cucumber and Capybara.

-        Performed ongoing peer code reviews, as well as learning quite a bit from pair programming.

-        Converted old GIF-oriented image handling code to use PNG and SVG.

-        Updated PDF and Excel export code using IText and Apache POI libraries.

-        Converted old JSF-based code to a more REST-based system.

In a transition to newer projects, I developed a JavaScript/jQuery-based mockup of a proposed application for presentation to prospective customers. Then I worked with my team on the generic underlying code intended for that and other future large data-driven applications.

-        Configured Docker containers for static web content to connect to the Java REST layer (connected in turn to a data layer based on Hadoop and Solr), along with setting up a container to run end-to-end tests driven by the (Javascript-based) Protractor test framework, all driven by Maven.

-        Advised and assisted junior developers on developing and testing the Angular-based front end layer.

Tracermedia Interactive        Jun 2010 – Apr 2013

Web Developer

Tracermedia is a small web development company whose clients have included major textbook publishers. As a member of small teams, I:

-        Developed interactive educational web applications using JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

-        Worked with Codeigniter PHP framework, as well as jQuery, Backbone, and Ringo JavaScript frameworks.

-        Implemented both sides of client-server architectures using JSON/AJAX, with both PHP and JavaScript back-ends.

-        Created SOAP endpoints for communication with third-party services.

-        Acted as a network administrator for an office of primarily Macintosh workstations and both Macintosh and Linux servers.

Cyber Technology LLC /        Jul 2009 – May 2010

IT / Programming

My role was code-rescuer and utility-infielder of IT at a company that trades in insurance leads. Responsibilities included:

-        Bug-fixing and major cleanup of a large codebase of PHP (106,000 lines), Perl (120,000 lines), and thousands of lines of JavaScript/jQuery.

-        Bug-fixing and development assistance for new Ruby On Rails development.

-        Code review and advising of other programmers.

-        Creating a system for automatically calling people who have entered their information, to connect them with salespeople.

-        Assistant system administrator on Ubuntu and CentOS Linux servers, and assistant network administrator.

-        Supporting internal users of web services.

Odyssey Consulting / Tracermedia Interactive        Jan 2009 – Mar 2009, Jun 2009

Consulting Web Developer

As part of a small team, I developed an AJAX-based tool, based on an existing framework, to assist teachers of remedial reading programs in tracking student reading progress.

-        Programmed in Javascript/Prototype and PHP/Zend.

-        Developed a JRuby program to convert data from an Excel spreadsheet into a PDF of vocabulary flashcards.

-        Diagnosed company network problems, including cross-platform PPTP connectivity and server visibility between LAN and WAN.

WRL Advertising        Sep 2004 – Dec 2008

Senior Web Developer / Network Administrator

WRL is a small advertising agency with a 50+ year history and a fast-paced environment.  In my time there, WRL's web department doubled in size and grew to rival its traditional advertising business. We hosted most of the sites we developed.

-        Planned, purchased, set up, and maintained Linux-based web and mail servers for hosting ~100 virtual domains

-        Implemented extensive anti-spam measures for email

-        Wrote and deployed web applications in Ruby On Rails, PHP, and Perl; and customized existing web applications to meet client needs

-        Set up Subversion and CVS source code control systems, and began to experiment with the Git source code control system

-        Assisted/advised graphic artists regarding web layout and image editing; edited program guides for the annual Ohio LinuxFest

-        Managed domain-purchasing and DNS issues

-        Managed an office network of Mac OS X, Windows, Linux desktop machines, and Linux servers

-        Hired, mentored, and managed technical staff members, and advised them on coding best practices

-        Migrated numerous domains from legacy Windows web and mail servers over to Linux servers, including translating ASP/VB into PHP, Access databases into MySQL, and improving the security of old code Inc        Jul 2003 – Mar 2004

Contract Programmer provides a web-based purchase system through which online vendors may sell their wares without dealing with secure online credit card transactions themselves.  I was part of a team assigned to rewrite the Perl-based web interface that the company is centered around.

-        Implemented online purchase interface using Perl, Template Toolkit, Apache mod_perl, and MySQL

-        Set up CVS source code repository, and wrote a tutorial to help other programmers become familiar with CVS

Secure Interiors Inc.        Jan 2001 – Nov 2002

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

I was involved in the technical side of starting Secure Interiors, a managed network security services company, actually beginning on the side in April 2000.  When actual employment began in January 2001, my responsibilities grew.  These included:

-        Involvement in designing almost all technical aspects of our complete solution

-        Setting up OpenBSD as a firewall for mass distribution

-        Writing and maintaining Perl and C programs to augment the firewall's functionality

-        Designing, configuring, customizing, and maintaining network servers (running OpenBSD and Linux), including: email server, bug-tracking system, source code repository, network-based backup server.

The Ohio State University - Office of Information Technology        Jan 1997 – Sep 2000

Systems Developer/Engineer - Workstation Support Engineer

As a workstation support engineer, my responsibilities included:

-        Assisting campus Unix (Solaris, SunOS, Irix, Digital Unix/OSF1, Ultrix, Linux) users & system administrators

-        Making hardware and software recommendations both for internal use and for other Unix system administrators

-        Planning and teaching an "Introduction To Unix" course

-        Acting as central contact point for Unix vendor support, including evaluating and documenting new Unix software

-        Administration of Solaris, SunOS, Irix, Digital Unix, Ultrix, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Macintosh machines

-        Administration of servers for email, WWW, FTP, and NFS

-        Writing programs to support the above functions

-        Supervising a series of student employees