Bridgemen Newsletter

  Hello volunteers!

Tomorrow is the day we will be making a change from  within- the Peter Claver Community in the Fillmore is the first  residential low income center (est. in 1985), serving the terminally 

ill, specializing with

   those  that suffer predominantly from HIV and Aids.

To put simply, we aim to divide and conquer this project in three key steps : Curb Appeal, Rooftop Garden, and Planter Beds. Ladies and gentleman,  bring those dirty clothes tomorrow! We will be getty dirty, nitty-gritty style! Kindly notify John or Jimmy if you are unavailable for the project- others are waiting! We look forward to seeing all you hard workers!        

              Host e-mail contact info:

 John David: 

          Jimmy Mason:

A friendly reminder- don't forget to eat breakfast!  In case you forget, we will  have some light snacks and  beverages provided for you busy bees. Much love to all that can't be there for project!  Additionally, set the date for the BBQ at the Peter Claver Community next month. Thanks again to all, for the efforts put forth in helping. This establishment wouldn’t be the amazing place it is without the love and dedication of it’s supporters and patrons.  We owe it all to you!

Contributions & Donations


Location & Time                

Map:, August, 18th 2013. 1-4PM


Peter Claver Community, 1340 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, Ca. 94114

NextMuni Outbound- Beach & Fillmore St: Bus 22

NextMuni Outbound- Montgomery & Market: Bus 38 

Sunday, August, 18th 2013. 1-4PM