World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Originally the Aspect of Earth, Neltharion served as the powerful leader of the black dragonflight. Unfortunately, the Old Gods would corrupt this godlike being, whispering to him possible futures and powers.

Come the War of the Ancient, Neltharion defied his people and his position, choosing power over peace by seeking to enslave all dragons to his rule. Eventually changing his name to Deathwing, many of his attempts almost succeeded if not for many interventions.

The final was to happen after his sundering of Azeroth. Heroes from across the realm banded together to take down Deathwing within the Maelstrom.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “The Dragon Soul”

Deathwing holds the power of the Dragon Soul in the Nexus. A Powerful weapon that was meant to be used to help defeat the invading demons destroying azeroth, but alas it was used to help him achieve his own corrupt plans. When the Dragon Soul is completed charged Deathwing will gain the benefits of this incredible artifact in the form of one of the selected abilities.

Once the Dragon Soul is charged its ability can be chosen by the Deathwing player at any time and does not expire. Once the player activated the Dragon Soul they will need to begin to charge it again using the “W” ability below.

Mount- Fiery Run across the battlefield. (Azmodan Like) Cannot Mount OR Fly (without the Dragon Stone Buff)

Q- “Lava Tentacle”

Deathwing selects a location on the battlefield to summon a lava tentacle. This tentacle will attack any target in range (prioritizing heroes) Once the tentacle is destroyed it will spawn a “Hideous Amalgamation” a large elemental creature that will follow the target that landed the last blow and attempt to deal damage to them. These creatures don't have much health, but will follow the target until they are destroyed.

W- “Persuasion”

At one point Deathwing had convinced the other Dragon aspects to give some of their supreme power in order to fuel the Dragon Soul. In the Nexus when he selects this ability he will be able to drain the Mana from all enemy heroes within range of him. The mana will begin to drain from his targets and it will be returned to Deathwing as health. This ability fuels his trait “The Dragon Soul”

E- “Gnaw”

Deathwing is able to grab an enemy hero in his jaw and hold them there for a short amount of time. If this ability is activated again he tosses them in a select direction that is either directly above or below deathwing. Deathwing is unable to move, attack or abilities while he has someone in his clutches.

Heroic 1- “Cataclysm”

Deathwing is again attempting to inflict a cataclysm… but this time it is in the Nexus. When this ability is used deathwing will breathe fire in a very large area. This area will begin ti burn and all enemies in the fire will take ticking damage. This area will act like a Ragnaros lava wave- but it will be stationary and will last for a significant amount of time on the battlefield. This would be a useful tool for the Deathwing player to help zone areas on the battlefield.

Heroic 2- “Raise Earth” 

Deathwing has total control over Azeroth's physical attributes and in the nexus he would have the same power with this heroic. When selected Deathwing has the ability to select a section of the battlefield that will raise up and become “high ground.” Units that are on this terrain when it raises can only be attacked by ranged attacks or by the melee attacks of other heroes on the earth platform. The raised ground only lasts for a short amount of time- then it comes crashing down and the battle rages on.

Specialty Skin: Charizard (skin tint… Holographic Charizard)

Dance: Chases his tail like a pup.

Kristen’s Choices


        Neltharion / Deathwing





Over the course of the game, Neltharion falls prey to the whispering of the old gods, becoming more corrupt and gaining more power. To show this, his abilities are split between basic attack damage and ability damage. The longer the game goes on, the higher the percentage of ability damage caused.



                What need is there of a mount when one has wings?


Claw Swipe

In a giant arc, Deathwing sweeps his claw across the battlefield, dealing extra damage to minions and mercs. Any enemies hit with this are set on fire for dot damage.


Tail Whip

Spinning quickly, Deathwing uses his tail to stun enemies, catching them underneath the weight of his appendage. While stuck under this tail, enemies take fire damage.


Fire Storm

Using his massive wings, Deathwing creates two fire tornadoes that deal damage and either lock onto the first enemy Hero they hit or revolve around enemy minions and mercs.


Bear My Burden

For a brief period of time, Neltharion can share his burden and his curse with an enemy player. While under this spell, the chosen enemy Hero now feels the weight of all Azeroth pressing down upon them, crushing them slowly. This deals damage over time and slows them while active.


        Aspect of Death

Deathwing takes to the skies, casting a shadow of death on the enemy team. This shadow in controllable by the player. While enemy Heroes are covered in this darkness, they take increased damage from all friendly sources.



Instead of the classic dragon, why not the winged serpent god of the ancient Mesoamericans - a feathered serpent that served as the boundary between earth and sky.


        Disco Inferno

Lots of finger wavin’, arm extendin’ and hip gyratin’.