WALT : write a persuasive speech using persuasive techniques.

Introduction :

Over 100 million sharks get killed each year and only 1 - 20 people die on average from mistaken identity by sharks, compare it (WHAT was gonna be my intro/hook thingy). Do you think sharks are man eating menses ? thats sooo 1975.  Bonjour, Konichiwa and Hello my name is Mauriora and today I am going to persuade and attempted your to go on strike against shark finning.

Paragraph/Reason One

Do you know about shark finning ? If you don’t well it’s ‘People’ cutting of all of the shark's’ fins and throwing the live shark into the water to bleed to death or drown, I don’t think the ‘Finners’ like that

Paragraph/Reason Two

Now I’m going to try put you off from eating shark fin soup.  Did you know shark fin soup actually contains a neurotoxin called Methylmercury which is a poison(which can result in several different diseases) AND (Stop shark finning) it also contains ANOTHER neurotoxin called BMAA which leads to alzheimer's and other brain diseases, so that makes it worthless and people who are about to eat it should think twice before eating it.  Oh I forgot what I was gonna say oh that’s right STOP SHARK FINNING.  

Paragraph/Reason Three

Sharks are vital because they keep fish populations down and they also put old, sick or injured fish out of their misery.  This is probs the millionth reason I’ve given you.

Paragraph/Reason Four

Sharks are apart of this world, apart of life.  So we need to stop this massacre before they get wiped out.


In conclusion just remember your actions determine their future.  P.S you’re more likely to get struck by lightning.

Reflection :

As you can see this is my speech, our WALT was to write a speech using persuasive techniques for example : tone of voice or being persistent.  What I need to improve on is using gestures and to use more eye contact because I don’t think I used much it that much.  I will use this work in the future for upcoming speeches, my next step is to extend each paragraphs.