Updated September 2016



Favorite Middle School Math (& Other) Resources

Real-World Projects

Social Justice:

Problem Based Learning (PLB)

Genius Hour, Design Thinking, Inquiry-Based Classroom, STEM, Creative Problem Solving

Video Problems

Family Math Night/ Math Games/ Logic Puzzles

Math Competitions

Math Tasks

Interesting Math Activities

Lessons & Skill Practice


PD, PLN, & Social Media

YouTube Channels:


Portfolios/ Blogging/ Tech Tools/ Discussion Techniques

Brain Breaks


Updated 6/21/2017

Cool Technology/ Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Books to Read/ Summer Reading/ Ideas to Implement in 2016 -17

Ideas to Implement in 2016-2017

Social Emotional/ Advisory

Current Events

Improv in School

Math Books

(Note: I haven’t read any of these yet, but hope to this summer.  Right now I am just listing possibilities)


Gifted Education

Mathematicians & Math Posters