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11th Grade CCR (College and Career Readiness)

Registration and Beyond……

        **On your marks……..         

**Get Ready……                                

Do a College Search:

  1. Go to (Junior CCR page under Classroom Activities)
  2. Scroll down until you see  “Find the right college for you” Click the Blue Get Started button>> click on “Location” on the left – enter Utah if you want an in state school or choose your state of choice  (close the window to see your results)
  3. Click on “Type of School” – click on Public and Private (close to see your results)
  4. Click on a College from the list
  5. Looking at the “At-A-Glance” page: How many undergraduate students attend this college?______________
  6. Click on “Deadlines” to the left of screen
  7. When is the admission application deadline? ______ When is the priority deadline?_____
  8. Click on “Applying” to the left of screen
  9. How much is the admission application fee?_______________
  10. Click on the “SAT and ACT scores” tab
  11. What was the mid-range ACT scores of current freshman at that school?______________
  12. Click on the “Academics and GPA” tab.
  13. Enter your GPA.  What % of students had your same GPA? ________________

Or Look at ATC – Applied Technology Options

Mountainland Applied Technology College  (MLATC)

UVU Career and Technical Education

Salt Lake Community College School of Applied Technology (SLCC)

  1. Go to one of the above Websites – research programs offered
  2.  MLATC >>Click on Programs

SLCC >> Click on Academics >>Programs & Schools >>View Academic Programs - if a program has (SAT) it is a program at the School of Applied Technology

  1. UVU >> Click on Programs
  2. Program that I am interested in:_____________________________________________________________

Tuition/Fees Cost_________________________Length of Training________________________________

    **Talk to Mrs. Jardine if you are interested in starting a program at MATC your senior year!

**Get set……