This page is a temporary jumping off point to access LCR-curated information about elections in Ohio:


Ballot Initiatives

Ohio Issue 2 (Pharmaceutical Prices)


Federal Elections

U.S. Senate - Sherrod Brown (D), incumbent

U.S. Congress (4th District) - Jim Jordan (R), incumbent

U.S. Congress (7th District) - Bob Gibbs (R) , incumbent

U.S. Congress (9th District) - Marcy Kaptur (D), incumbent

Ohio State Elections

Governor - John Kasich (R), term limited, incumbent

Secretary of State - Jon Husted (R), term limited, incumbent

Treasurer - Josh Mandel (R), term limited, incumbent

Attorney General - Mike DeWine (R), term limited, incumbent

Auditor - Dave Yost (R), term limited, incumbent

Ohio Senate (13th District) - Gayle Manning (R), term limited, incumbent

Ohio House (55th District) - Nathan Manning (R), incumbent, running for state senate

Ohio House (56th District) - Dan Ramos (D), term limited, incumbent

Ohio House (57th District) - Dick Stein (R) incumbent

Lorain County Elections

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