Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH)

Wish List

(Stuff we need)

To donate supplies and equipment:  Please contact Amy at to arrange a drop off time at the PACH Clinic.  If you wish to order things online, please have them shipped to: Phoenix Allies for Community Health, 2902 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix Az, 85017.  Please drop Amy a line if you do order equipment so we can adjust our wish list accordingly.

Be sure to sign up for Amazon Smile and pick Phoenix Allies for Community Health as your favorite nonprofit, they give us money for your purchases and it costs you nothing!  

If you would like to help us fund the clinic please visit our website   and click on the “subscribe” button.  Your recurring payment of $15, $25 or more per month will enable us to purchase supplies, pay our power bill, and pay for the labs that are vital for our patient care.  Thank you!  

Basic Supplies

Supplies are something we need on an ongoing basis.  Donations of the following items at any time would be greatly appreciated

  1. Folded paper towels for dispensers. (accordion fold are the best)
  2. Kleenex
  3. Toilet paper  
  4. Antibacterial cleaning spray or wipes (Kirkland or Clorox brand)
  5. Chux pads
  6. Paper gowns
  7. Bulk liquid hand soap
  8. Tall kitchen trash bags
  9. Large Bleach
  10. Dusting cloths, such as Swiffer
  11. K Cup coffee (San Francisco Bay Coffee Company pods at Costco are biodegradable and the least expensive)
  12. Dish detergent
  13. Paper cups for water cooler
  14. Pill reminders (for people with complicated med regimens, these can save lives!)
  15. Non-latex gloves: Nitrile are the best in EX-S, S, M, L and XL
  16. Sharps containers, 2 gal and 5 quart.
  17. Office supplies:
  1. HP 950, 951 toner
  2. File folders
  3. Sticky notes
  4.  Pens
  5. Amazon laminator pouches

Medical Supplies for Clinic

We order these from medical suppliers. Your generous donation can help cover the cost:

  1. Glucometers and test strips.
  1. Blood glucose strips: $8.95/50 strips.
  1. Safety Lancets: $10.39/box of 100
  2. Urine dip strips:
  1. Microalbumin test strips: $92.27 for 25 strips
  2. Multistix 10 test urine test strips: $39.36/100 strips
  1. Tuberculin skin test: $66.14/vial
  2. Safety Loc Butterfly syringes for blood draws: $45.45/200

Truly Big and Amazing Things We Need

  1. A second  20’ Storage Container for our storage needs.
  2. A second vitals station monitor to speed up our patient intake process.
  3. A new GYN speculum light
  4. New otoscopes/ophthalmoscopes