Why We Should Have Playstix and Pipe Builders ($50 total)

By: Kevin, Noah and Lorenzo

        These paragraphs are all our proof and ideas why we should have the playstix and pipe builders in our classroom.

We need playstix in a classroom for many reasons.We could have playstix for math so we can make shapes to measure. We could use playstix during indoor recess or we could make a club which uses the playstix and pipes for kind of a creative building club after school. We can have playstix to make a large line for people to measure and see who has the correct answer for the line and it will be different every time, this is for math. The playstix can make a tube to have a marble to go in without making the thing it is on lean and see how far it can go. Playstix can go for math, science, social studies, and (of course) indoor recess!

We need pipe builders in a classroom for many reasons. The pipe builders can help us with science doing different experiments and how fast something can go when we let it go by itself. We could also use the pipe builders to use as a structure for the Rube Goldberg machines. We could use the pipe builders during indoor recess to play with or see how big we could build it each day and at the end of the year we could see which day we built the pipes the highest. We could use pipe builders to make things and to show things. Another thing we could use the pipe builders for is, we could have almost daily races and see who can build the pipes the highest in the classroom. We could use pipe builders in math to make equations on the floor for everyone to solve as 1 big class! We could have pipe builders to write small messages on the floor for everyone to see.

Both playstix and pipe builders both should both have research behind them. We could use playstix and pipe builders to help our imaginative creativity grow. Why we should have imaginative creativity is because it helps you remember and become better learners. Also, imaginative creativity helps us become better writers. I play games after school and if I have a test the next day I sometimes like to build notes when I play Minecraft.  The pipe builders and playstix can both do things that somethings can. Here are some reviews of playstix: “My kids love these things. I like that they have a range of things to build, from easy to challenging for the adults! It's a nice family activity for all ages”, “Keeps my kids entertained and busy for hours, great toy and so many creative and imaginative things to build with it”, “ The Playstix toy is FABULOUS! I have children who are great at building things and this new building set has challenged their creativity and imagination beyond my expectations. Now ALL my teachers want them for their classrooms”. Here are some reviews on pipe builders: “ My kindergarten students have played with the pipe builders all week. They are increasing their fine motor skills and creativity while playing. Definitely a winner”, “My kindergarten kids new favorite toy! It is fabulous for developing fine motor strength! Highly recommend! ”. Everybody has good things to say about both playstix and pipe builders!

        The research from the book is different from the research that we found on the website      The description for pipe builders says that children 3 and up can use these to make twisty and turny creations with ease. The playstix description says that it is a building set like no other with some interlocking pieces that connect with ease to make the building session “frustration free”. Both playstix and pipe builders are good things to have in a classroom. The strait pieces measure 1 ½ inches long so you can fit all in one small box.

The research from the website ( https://www.lakeshorelearning.com )  is different from what we found in the book. Designed to fit together, so they aren't taking forever to put together. They are yellow, blue, red, and green, so  they are all relaxing colors. Yellow is cheerful, energetic, and happy. Blue is relaxing, soothing, and peaceful. Red is energetic, cheerful, and passionate.  Green is calm, soothing, and relaxing. The playstix are rainbow colors.Red= energizing, cheerful, and passionitizm. Orange = warm, welcoming, friendly, and cozy. Yellow = cheerful, energetic, and happy. Green = calm, soothing, and relaxing. Blue = relaxing, soothing, and peaceful. Violet (purple) = peaceful, magical, romantic, and relaxing. We think we should have the colors: