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About suggestions: There are a million tools out there, but this list is intended to be readable and useful, rather than an encyclopedia of ALL the software in the world. Don’t get annoyed if an obscure tool is not added.

Here’s the list of resources from this year’s Sponsors, along with some other stuff.

Here's a smaller list of tiny game making tools, perfect for beginners!

Note: Resources listed here are generally free, though some have paid plans for extra features.

Table of contents

Game Engines

HTML5 / Javascript



3D Modeling

2D and Vector Graphics


Other Graphic Tools



Source Control

Audio and Music


Task Management




3D Models

Textures / 2D Art



Public Domain

Board Games


Unity tools


Game Engines

Unity (powerful Asset Store, also check tools below)

Unreal Engine 4 (comes with source code, marketplace)

Cry Engine (comes with source code, marketplace)

Amazon Lumberyard

Scratch (no coding required, great for beginners and kids)

PICO-8 (simple, great for small jams, code examples)

GameMaker (great for beginners + marketplace)

Godot (open source!)

Construct 3 (web-based)

Stencyl (no coding required)

Defold (2D only)

Ren’Py (visual novels)

Twine (text-based games)

Inkle Writer (text-based games)

Adventure Game Studio


RPG Maker VX Ace Lite (no coding required, 2D, does more than just RPGs)

Armory3D (open source 3D game engine)

Bitsy (very simple, 2D, runs in browser)

Gdevelop (open source, similar to Construct)

HTML5 / Javascript

Canvas Engine -

Pixi.js (fast WebGL and Canvas renderer) -

CreateJS (HTML5/Javascript libraries) -

BabylonJS - (webGL engine)

Box2D (javascript 2D physics library) -

Phaser -

Superpowers -

Cocos2D HTML5 -

Processing.js (for visual designers) -

p5.js -

Enchant.js -


PuzzleScript -

Frameworks and Libraries

MonoGame (Open source version of XNA, actively maintained) -

Processing (Java) -

Ogre3D (3D rendering engine) -

LibGDX -

OpenFL (Flash-like cross-platform API) -

Box2D (2D physics library) -
Chipmunk2D (2D physics library) -

HaxeFlixel (Haxe) -

Heaps (Haxe cross-platform API) -

SDL (cross platform API for C/C++) -

SFML (multimedia library for C++) -

Love2D (Lua) - 

Raylib -

Openframeworks (C++ toolkit) -

PyGame (Python) -

A-Frame (small, easy framework for web VR, includes small editor) -



3D Modeling

Blender -

MakeHuman -

MagicaVoxel -

Vectary (online 3D modeling) -

Qubicle (Voxel Editor) -

SketchUp -

2D and Vector Graphics

GIMP (Photoshop-like) -

Paint.NET :

Krita (digital painting) - 

Inkscape (SVG/Vector tool) -
Aseprite -

Pixlr -

Pyxel Edit -

Piskel (Online Pixelart & Sprite Editor) -

Figma (Free Web-based vector graphics editor) -

GraphicsGale (Free) -


DragonBones (skeletal animation) -

Spine (2D skeletal animation) -

Carnegie-Mellon Motion Capture Database -

Spriter (2D skeletal animation) -

Other Graphic Tools

Tiled (tile editor) -

Texture Packer -

Color Oracle (color blindness testing) -

Shoebox -
Paletton (color schemes) -

Image optimizer -

Texture Generator Online -

Tilemancer (node-based filters tool for tiles) -

Fractorium Flame Fractal Generator -



Eclipse -

Visual Studio Community -

Monodevelop -

IntelliJ -

Komodo Edit -

Notepad ++ -

Collabedit (text editor / chat hybrid with simple syntax highlighting) -

Consulo -

Visual Studio Code (Text editor with some autocomplete) -

Atom -

PureData -

Netbeans -

Source Control

Mercurial SCM (software only) -

Git (software only) -

GitHub (software + hosting) -

Bitbucket (mercurial and git hosting) -

Sourcetree (nice visual gui software for git and mercurial) -

GitExtensions (similar to Sourcetree, but all FOSS) -

GitKraken (Git visual GUI, free for non-commercial) - 

Git LFS (Large File Storage, useful for binary objects) -

Audio and Music

BFXR (sound tool) -

Audacity (Audio / Recording / Music) -

Reaper (Digital Audio Workstation) -

Ableton Live (Digital Audio Workstation) -

Cakewalk by Bandlab (Digital audio workstation - formerly SONAR) -

Bosca Ceoil (music tool) -

Procedural Music - (needs a Midi Renderer)

SynthFont - (Midi Renderer)

GXSCC - (Midi Renderer)

BeepBox (chiptune) -

Milkytracker (tracker) -

ChipTone (BFXR’s big brother) -

Soundation (music maker) -

Music / SFX (Machine learning) -

Otomata (generative musical sequencer) -

Pixitracker (chiptune sequencer) -



FMOD (free tier) -

WWISE (free tier) -

Task Management


Codecks (gamedev specific project management, bucket list, time metrics, Discord integration)

Trello (project management, bucket list)

HackNPlan (project management, bucket list, time metrics, specific for gamedev)

Murally (pinboard, connects to Google Drive and Evernote)

Realtime Board (pinboard)

Mindmeister (mind mapping)

Lucidchart, Cacoo (diagrams and flowcharts)

Sligrid (pinboard, mind mapping, concept board; sign up with invite code: ggj18)

Notion (notes, wikis and tasks) (diagrams and flowcharts)

Asana (project management)

Project Libre (open-source Microsoft Project-type GANTT charts)


Workflowy (Collaborative list editor, task lists)

Bear (flexible writing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac)


Everything -

Everything - (most models in Blender format)

Everything (compatible with other tech too) -

Everything -

Everything -

3D Models

3D models -

3D models -

3D models -

Very high quality assets - 

Plenty of lowpoly models -

Thingiverse (convert STL to OBJ using Blender) -

Textures / 2D Art

Textures -

2D sprites and Flash backgrounds (.fla) -

Textures (only partly free)-

Textures with PBR maps -


Music -

Music -

Music -

Music production -

Music production -

Music production (Chip tunes) -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Sound Effects -

Audition SFX -

Music (and graph paper!!) -

Text-To-Speech -

Free Music Archive (great CC music library) -

(tip: you can search CC BY music using filters in Soundcloud or Youtube)


Fonts -

Google Fonts -

Fonts -

Fonts -

Fonts -

Da Font - (Font Maker + Font Library) -

Public Domain

New York Public Library -
NASA Audio Library -

Board Games

Board game tools -

Software for developing card games:


Unity tools

Unity Playground - Framework to build 2D physics-driven games in Unity -

Fungus - Package which is great for building narrative in Unity - 

InkleWriter (tool for narrative-driven games, has Unity plugin) -

ProBuilder (BSP style level editing tools) -

Procedural terrain tool for Unity -

DoTween -

TouchScript (multitouch/gesture/TUIO library) -

Fabric (Interactive audio engine, free for one game/year) -

Playmaker (Visual Programing) -

Bolt (Visual Programing) -

Unity Raw Mocap Data Asset -


PixelProspector (gamedev big lists)

ScreenToGif (screen,webcam and sketchboard with integrated editor, optimized GIFs)

GIFCam (free recorder that outputs optimized GIFs)

Peek (Linux gif screen recorder)

EZGif (online GIF animation editor and maker)

JSFiddle (collaborative tool for web projects)

Github Gists (collection of useful scripts)

OBS (cross-platform streaming/screen capture)