1. All matches shall be played under IBSF rules.
  2. Late Arrivals - In exceptional circumstances the Tournament Director shall call a special meeting at the venue of the Championship, consisting of Officers and Team Managers present, to decide, if necessary, any action or alteration to the programme.
  3. National Squads can be altered prior to the first match and the Tournament Director to be informed immediately on arrival.
  4. Each Senior National Squad shall consist of panel of six (6) players from which four (4) will play.
  5. Each Junior National Squad shall consist of a panel of six (6) players from which four (4) will play.
  6. Each Ladies National Squad shall consist of a panel of three (3) players from which two (2) will play.
  7. Each Masters National Squad shall consist of a panel of six (6) players from which four (4) will play.
  8. Each Billiards National Squad shall consist of a panel of four (4) players from which three (3) will play.
  9. All Billiards matches will be a 60 or 90 min timed event.
  10. Players may play on one team only per event in Junior, Senior and Billiards competitions.
  11. Senior, Masters & Junior will play three frames in each match.
  12. Ladies will play two frames in each match and the aggregate score will be used to decide the winner.
  13. The following criteria will be followed in the event of a tie.
  1. Points
  2. Wins
  3. Frame Difference
  4. Head to head
  5. One frame play off, teams to nominate one player each.
  6. In the event of a tie between more than one team, the play off will be played as a single frame knock out. This will be played as drawn, odd player receiving the bye.
  1. Dress Code - Players shall be attired as follows: -

Males: International Waistcoat, Bow Tie, White or one colour long sleeved shirt, black trousers and dress shoes.
All team members must be dressed the same, wearing the same colour shirt.
Ladies may wear a suitable dark skirt or trousers with a white or one coloured sleeved blouse.

  1. The Tournament Officials shall monitor standard of dress.
  2. All players, referees and officials are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony.
  3. General Conduct: In the event of any misconduct or behaviour considered to bring the game into disrepute by, or concerning, any player or official, the Tournament Officials reserve the right to take any action they deem appropriate, including, if necessary, immediate expulsion from the Tournament.
  4. Each Country shall have full authority in how they select their International Panels.
  5. Drugs Policy: Drug testing – as per IBSF policy. Players should be warned that random drug testing might take place.
  6. Each country will provide 2 referees and 2 part time local refs will be asked to make up the required number for each days play.
  7. Alteration of Rules: The foregoing Rules may only be altered at a General Meeting.

Revised 26 February 2016